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  1. An indroduction and some questions.

    Hello! My name's Joy, I'm a young adult and I live with my husband and two dogs. Our first dog, Sky, we got from a shelter as my husband and I always wanted a husky since we were very young. He's a husky/Shepherd mix and we love him to death. Our other dog was hanging out on the property and we...
  2. Rescue Dogs: The Moment They Know They Really Belong?

    General Dog Discussion
    My hubby and I rescued a 10 y.o. Boston Terrier a few months ago (her elderly owner apparently had gone into a home for Alzheimers). She seemed on her last leg and stressed out at one of the better area shelters (the manager kept her in her office because the kennel was too stressful). We...
  3. Struggling with rescue dog and having second thoughts and anxiety

    New Additions
    About a week ago I got an overseas rescue dog - after several years thinking about getting a dog and doing research. While it's not a decision I took lightly, in the past week I've suffered from severe anxiety. The dog has some behavioural issues, including intense separation anxiety and...
  4. Please Help: My Dog Won't Stop Peeing

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi All, I'm hoping someone can help. 4 months ago, we adopted a little cavalier spaniel mix from a rescue group. We were told she was potty trained, and didn't have problems with other pets. However, she won't stop peeing in the house and growling at our other dog. We have taken her to the...
  5. New Rescue need help with breed. Thanks!

    Dog Breeds
    Hi everyone. I'm new here and this is the most active forum I've run into. We recently rescued a 1.5 year old dog. She has proven herself to be a very good escape artist, very Houdini. We have a wire crate for her for when he leave for at least an hour because she is very destructive right...
  6. New to the forum - hello from Connecticut!

    Hello all, I am new to the forum! My name is Sarah. My husband and I have just adopted an 18-month old beagle/terrier mix from a local rescue. They told us he was found on the streets in West Virginia and was brought up to Connecticut by rescue volunteers. He has been at the shelter for a...
  7. Our Sweet Rescue Story

    Off Topic Discussion
    My husband and I saved our sweet girl on the day she was set to be put down and she's loving her Colorado life. :)
  8. Newly adopted "former emotional support dog"

    General Dog Discussion
    Hey guys! So I'm new here, and that is because last night I adopted a German Shepard mix from my local animal shelter and in her file, it says she is a former emotional support dog. I named her Emma Bob, Emma for short. She is 1.3 years old. I was basically just asking for any advice you guys...
  9. My little rescue family.

    Hi all! I just thought I would give a little introduction about me and my little pack of hooligans. I'm new to rescuing, I grew up with Golden Retrievers but my family never rescued. It wasn't until a little over a year ago my boyfriend and I decided that we wanted a dog and we thought there was...
  10. my furry family

    About 2 months ago now my husband and I adopted two rescue dogs. Baby (4) and Ox (1). They are mother and son. I had dogs as a kid but not in my adult life. I'm new to the board and just wanted to say Hi. I'm trying to connect with others that have adopted adult dogs and maybe compare stories...
  11. New dog attacking other dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I currently have a 17 pound terrier mix (looks like a rat or smooth fox terrier) he is around 7 years old and has been fine with other dogs. We decided to get another rescue dog. The dog is a retriever/collie mix who is 45 pounds. We got a girl because we've heard boy and girl pairs work best...
  12. Small Veterinary Mistake Leads to Huge Nightmare

    Dog Health
    I am new to this forum but certainly will be sticking around! I foster dogs for a local non-kill shelter and was referred to your forums by one of our board members - I am trying to help a dear friend of mine. I hope I am allowed to post this here. I read all of the guidelines and do not see...
  13. Free Service dogs to Veterans and Children

    Hello I am the Director of a non-profit corporation in Texas with Bulldog and Friends Rescue Center. We rescue dogs that are in severe need of a second chance and train them to be a service dog for veterans and children. As many people already know more than 22 veterans per day last year took...
  14. Rescue dog - only goes potty on walks

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I recently adopted a dog who had been found running through the desert. She is a terrier, about 3 years old, and seems to be very well trained. She only goes potty twice a day, very regularly as long as she is on a walk. If I don't take her on a walk, she won't go potty. And she does not go...
  15. Separation anxiety in rescue dogs

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My current dog Peace, is rescued street dog from Russia and she is also my second ex-street dog. Both of my dogs suffered from various problems as rescue dogs tend to suffer from separation anxiety and many other behavior problems. Fortunately in most cases they are treatable. I got Peace when...
  16. pitbull puppy aggressive to older dogs, help!

    Puppy Help
    Hi, everyone. I need help with my two six-week old pitbull puppies. I got them both a week ago from a rescue centre for abandoned dogs their mother had apparently stopped paying her puppies any attention (three of the litter of 9 died). Now the problem started when another dog with her own...
  17. An Amazing Rescue Dog

    New Additions
    I'm Tofu - The Fastest Poodle - ! If you would like a pet, please consider adopting from shelters, rescue organizations and your local pound. I'm a rescue dog and I'm amazing! Watch my video and see how wonderful a rescue dog can be:
  18. Seeking inspirational stories about your rescued pets

    New Additions
    Hi, I write for the Pet of The Week blog for Each week we feature a pet for adoption alongside an inspirational rescue pet story. If you have rescued a pet and would like to tell their story on our blog, please email me at [email protected] Thank you.
  19. Training Priorities and Feeling Overwhelmed

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello everyone! I just got my first dog as an adult after 4+ years of waiting (and reading every dog training book I could get my hand on, starting with The Other End of the Leash), and now I'm feeling a bit stressed and overwhelmed, mostly from my own expectations/perfectionist streak. My main...