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  1. Australian Cattle dog rescued, age of 3

    Working Dogs
    Hi everyone, So my husband & I rescued an ACD from high killed shelter around last month and we named her Blu. We have told that she is about 3 years old. Apparently, she was abandoned by owner who tided her up in chain, i'm guessing mostly outside. We picked out a few ACD online & met a few...
  2. Breed guesses please! 3 month old floppy eared cutie

    Dog Breeds
    Hi! Our newly adopted pup Pan is definitely a mutt, but we have no idea what she might be mixed with. She is 3 months old, about 16 lbs, with long legs and floppy ears. Here are some pics: and, for good measure, here she in in wrapping paper on Christmas morning :)
  3. New member with new adopted puppy!

    New Additions
    Hi! I'm Babs, and my husband and I just adopted our new pup Pan (short for Pantalaimon) last weekend. This seems like a great community, so I just want to join and introduce myself (and Pan, of course!) Here she is on Christmas morning...
  4. Sudden Odd Behavior In Rescue Dog

    New Additions
    We rescued a 1.5 year old Jackabee last week from our local shelter - he's been a complete dream. Honestly, we have no clue how he was found as a stray, since he's already been partially trained, and is so loving around people. He welcomed us immediately, and seemed to adjust well to our home...
  5. Newly adopted dog with separation anxiety

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello I'm new to this forum because I just adopted a pitbull mix last week and I need some advice. When I first got her and started her crate training she was ok. I slowly acclimated her to her crate and slowly increased the time and I've seen some improvements. She sleeps in her crate in my...
  6. 10 Year Old Pomeranian Mill Rescue HELP!!!

    New Additions
    I addopted a beautiful 10 year old male Pomeranian on Saturday. His name is Auggie and he is very sweet and gentil. He was used as a stud in a mill for his entire life. He is very submissive and gentil, but has absolutley no social skills. He does not understand treats or toys or grass. He does...
  7. Just adopted Border Collie with separation anxiety

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello everyone, I joined this forum to get some advice about a "2-3 year old" Border Collie that my boyfriend and I just rescued a week ago. We were told that he was hit by a car a month ago and had a bad back. They fixed him up and he is in the process of recovering from that as well as gaining...
  8. My rescue toy poodle bit me. What should I have done?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My partner and I are fostering a 3 year old 6.5lb toy poodle rescue. She has taken very well to us and is very affectionate and playful now. We have trained various tricks and a relatively good heel, and we have house trained her. She is dominant and high strung, and fear bites/nips other...
  9. Why buying a dog while you can adopt one

    New Additions
    When my wife started putting the idea in my head of adopting a dog, to be honest I wasn't so sure at first since I was more the type of person who would prefer a full breed dog and not a mixed one, shelters tend to be a hard place to find a full breed dog (at least that's why I thought at the...
  10. Had a GREAT evening with Ben!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Our lovely rescue pup has been having some trouble settling at night and, though he's calm and happy during the day, he becomes 'hyper' at night, struggles to settle and begins bashing around the place, hard mouthing me and anything in his path. It's by far the hardest time of day with him and...
  11. Help!!! Rescued puppy

    Dog Training and Behavior
    HELP! I need words of advise, i recently rescued a beautiful 1yr old APT. She was physically abused by men in the home, and allowed to get beat up by an older male APT. For the most part though, she spent 98% of her first year in a kennel, and i'm talking about the portable ones, not a facility...
  12. My dog and new rescue dog problems!!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We have an 18-month old staffy called Betty, who we had since a pup. She is lively and very sociable with humans and dogs. Last week we got a staffy cross called Laura, whose about 1 yrs old. She is friendly and lively. When Betty and Laura first met, they were play fighting and running...
  13. hi from orlando

    how's everybody doin'? I'm Frank and we have a female 10 year old black lab/pit bull mix. We got Misty as a rescue when she was 10 months old, and she was already dog-aggressive and men-suspicious. But we've all come a long way. I'm looking forward to meeting as many of you guys as possible and...