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renal failure

  1. 14y/o Bichon Frise NEEDS HELP!!

    Dog Health
    My dog, Hannah, almost died last week after, i believe, ingesting something unknown. Had diarrhea and vomited everywhere. Brought her to the hospital and found out she had pancreatitis. She stayed for 6 days on IVs, but she would not eat anything until just recently, thank God! She’s has had...
  2. My dogs ate grapes the past week - should I take them to the vet?

    Dog Health
    This past week I have been including green grapes in my dogs' diet as I thought that the were healthy for them (I have been following Juliette de Bairacli Levy's diet for dogs, and she fed her dogs' raisins and grapes); Mon-Friday, I gave my dogs 5-10 grapes along with their meals (one dog is 43...
  3. renal failure, kidney disease

    Dog Health
    Hi folks, I'm looking for some advice to support my 13 year old Italian Greyhound. She was diagnosed with kidney disease seven months ago. She also has a congestive heart failure. Poor baby, she's had a number of illnesses and ailments throughout her life, but she has somehow always managed...
  4. Our +$13,000 journey to save his life!

    Dog Health
    Looking for information and/or experiences with giving your dog Zeniquin? Specifically for an extended period of time? Our dog contracted Pseudomonas while undergoing a common ligament correction surgery and has suddenly started experiencing serious renal issues. He was also on Deramaxx...