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  1. Rehome my dog or am I overthinking?

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi. Please don't shame me as I'm doing enough of that myself. I just need real opinions and someone to just have a conversation with I guess. This is going to be a long post... I have a lab/hound mix and I got him when he was around 6 months. He is now 2.5 years old. He is a good boy. He is...
  2. Hello from NH moving to Morocco

    Hello, Me and my doggy just got to Exeter NH after helping my mom move up here from NC, and he and I are moving to Morocco! If anyone has tips about reducing stress while moving a dog abroad, let me know. I'm so worried I've thought about re-homing him, but he's such a party of my family that...
  3. Only potty's in the house when I'm gone, please help!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Here is the situation: I adopted my dog 1 year ago from a Breeder who did not want her anymore due to uterus problems. She is fixed, now 6 years old, and honestly a wonderful dog. She is a Pomeranian, sweet natured (with people and animals), a bit of an alpha female (she humps other dogs), very...
  4. Passionate about having a dog - can it work?

    General Dog Discussion
    I'm 22 and have loved dogs all my life. We had a labrador since I was 3 who sadly passed away when I was a teenager and my parents never wanted to commit to another pup. Now that I'm older, having my own dog has become a possibility. I'll explain my situation a bit first - I do currently live at...
  5. still can't decide/do I bring my dog with me or rehome him?

    General Dog Discussion
    I asked about this before, but I find I'm still having a dilemma on what to do. I should be moving to a new city in a few months, and I don't know whether it's the best idea to bring my dog with me. He's a 12 yr old corgi, and he currently has a big yard to run in, and comes in occasionally when...
  6. trying to decide if I should rehome my dog

    New Additions
    I had intended to take my 12 yr old corgi with me when I move next month. But right now, he mainly stays outside, he has a big yard to run around in, and I have help to buy dog food and such. I will be moving to a small apartment with 3 other people, who will all be working or at school most of...
  7. Husky killed neighbors cat!!!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My first time posting... My 11 month old husky (female) got out of my yard last night and attacked my neighbor's cat. Sad to say the cat died, I feel terrible. The neighbors called animal control and animal control will keep the dog until they are done with their investigation (about 3-4 day). I...