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  1. Tips for helping my dog recover from ACL Surgery

    Dog Health
    Hello Everyone and thanks for reading. My dog Dexter is going in for ACL Surgery next week and I am looking for tips from others that have gone through this rehab process before. I do have the printouts from the vet that outlines the rehab process so we have a good idea of what to expect but...
  2. Need help with my dog's fear of men

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi all, I've got a gorgeous new rescue dog called Lola, 5 year old Podenco Orito. I've had her nearing 3 weeks now and she's been brilliant. The only problem I'm having is her fear of men, specifically my male housemate. Whenever he moves near her or reaches for something near her she'll...
  3. My new beagle rescue won't take a treat

    New Additions
    MY girlfriend and I just adopted a 6 year old service beagle who spend her prior years in a research facility. She is very sociable and friendly but we need some help. Does anybody have any suggestions as to how to approach the following behaviors? Getting her to take a treat (period, she...
  4. Help!!! Rescued puppy

    Dog Training and Behavior
    HELP! I need words of advise, i recently rescued a beautiful 1yr old APT. She was physically abused by men in the home, and allowed to get beat up by an older male APT. For the most part though, she spent 98% of her first year in a kennel, and i'm talking about the portable ones, not a facility...
  5. Nice to meet you!

    Hi everyone, My name is Sabine, I live in The Netherlands with a French bulldog called Burton. He is turning 12 this year and we've rescued him at the age of 7. Burt has a feline best friend and except for the usual physical problems he is a very happy dog. I grew up with a pack of German...