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  1. My dog has an eye issue that keeps returning-

    Dog Health
    Hi everyone, My wonderful dog - a healthy 3-5 year old shepherd/border collie mix (we think) is having repeated eye issues. This only happens with one eye at a time. Her eye will get very red. She does not seem to be in pain. Sometimes there is a discharge/pus when this happens-lately it seems...
  2. Black line and redness in my dog's eye?

    Dog Health
    Today my dog's eye appeared to be bothering him slightly. I decided to see if maybe there was a foreign object causing him to squint. He doesn't seem to be in very much pain but his eye is a bit red and I've never noticed this black mark there before, any ideas of what this could be? Any help...
  3. Healed scar from spaying... Itchy and red

    Dog Health
    My dog, Sweet Pea, is a rescued Staffordshire terrier mix.. Not too sure on her age. She was in 2 shelters before we got her. First shelter said she was 1.5, second shelter said she was 4. Anyway, she either got spayed at the first shelter, or already was spayed before ending up in the shelter...
  4. My dog has redness between the digits of his left foot

    Dog Health
    I own a 2.5 yr old Male Labrador Retriever, who's been having this problem since some time. On the underside of his left paw, between the digits he's having a lot of redness, and I'm guessing pain, because he has been limping for quite some time now. I have been to a no. of vets with him, and...
  5. Chihuahua's neutered and E-collar is failing!

    Dog Health
    My two chihuahua boys were neutered on Friday Feb. 24th. Today is the third day and it looks pretty bad. They both are wearing the E-Collar. But, in is this incident they are using the collar to "itch" their incision/"sack." It is getting very red and swollen. I spoke with the vet and they won't...