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  1. Dog Pictures and Videos
    I have failed at updating on the new addition so here is our massive picture update with pictures from the last 6 months. Ranger is now 9 months and 48lbs. For reference Trucker is 4 years and 58lbs.
  2. Dog Training and Behavior
    I have decided to track our families journey through puppyhood. From Trucker learning to big brother, to Galileo learning how to live in a world that has 2 dogs, to us as new puppy parents stumbling our way through, to Ranger learning all there is to learn as she grows up.
  3. New Dogs and Puppies
    After a couple months of trying to decide breeder or rescue, what breed, etc. We thought we had decided that we would do a rescue pup from the same rescue Trucker is from, after our Meet and Greet went interestingly, we talked about what made Trucker's "friends" different than the other dogs. We...
  4. Dog Pictures and Videos
    I posted these on a Redbone page and someone called them the "Lifestyle Magazine Layout".
  5. Dog Pictures and Videos
    Since we have been on DF (6 months ago) Trucker has been making some awesome progress and doing fun "dog things" that we wanted to share. Trucker claimed my boyfriend as a protector: Trucker has been learning like water: Trucker has been working on his swimming stamina in the pool: Trucker...
  6. Dog Pictures and Videos
    Trucker had never seen snow before (at least not that I know of) and we recently got 30" over 2 days. So I went a little picture and video crazy with respect to his reaction to it but it was the first time I had ever seen him in such sheer bliss. (Sorry they are so huge no idea why they didn't...
  7. Dog Pictures and Videos
    Has anyone else registered the dogs as a PAL? I am having trouble getting the photos for Trucker's PAL registrations as when I get on his level he generally thinks he should walk towards me or sits. The rules are: Once photo should be from the front with the dog in a standing position, the...
  8. Dog Pictures and Videos
    I have decided to start Trucker his own picture thread. I am like a crazy new mom with the pictures of their baby so I wanted to be able to share a some of them. They really do document a lot of his progress.
  9. Dog Training and Behavior
    Decided to start a training journal to track Trucker's journey from the completely petrified dog he was when I adopted him to the dog I know he will be one day :). Here is my reminder of where it all began: I was looking for a "friend" for my 4 year old cat, Galileo and I knew I wanted a...
  10. Dog Training and Behavior
    Trucker has a new bad habit, theft! The more comfortable he gets in the house and the more he knows I am not going to beat him when he does wrong the more adventurous he gets. Aghh, he at a shoe last night! And before you say this is a training thing, we are working on formal training but that...
  11. Dog Training and Behavior
    I adopted Trucker a little less than a month ago, he has some horrors in his past (not exactly sure what but they are there). This poor baby came to me with scars on his hind legs where it looks like he has been whipped and he cowers at everything. We have been slowly been making improvements...
  12. Dog Grooming
    The brush I have to brush my dog, Trucker, just does not work. The internet suggests a curry comb for brushing Redbones. Does anyone have any suggestions? Trucker needs brushing pretty much everyday because he is so nervous, he was recently adopted Oct 16th, that he losses lots of his short...
  13. Introductions
    Hi everyone, I would love to introduce ya'll to Trucker, my rescue baby. When I first saw my big man online he was posted as a Redbone/Lab Mix but when I adopted him the rescue had decided that the NC kill shelter had not only labeled his breed but his age wrong (they had said 4 or 5 when he is...
  14. Dog Pictures and Videos
    Somer of my favorites :) Ryker
1-14 of 14 Results