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  1. What dog should I get?

    Off Topic Discussion
    Me and my family finally decided to get a dog. For the spring and summer seasons we live on our countryside house, with a pretty big front yard. In fall and winter we go to our apartment in the city (it is a pretty roomy apartment). We are looking for a dog that doesn't smell that much, likes...
  2. Looking for recommendations

    Hi everyone, I am planning to get my first dog later this year (probably around May-June time) and would love some recommendations please. I currently live in aprox 55 sq m apartment, and the dog would have access to all of that. I have no garden/yard, however, there are large green spaces about...
  3. Food recommendation

    Dog Food
    I have a 16-month old shepard/lab/hound/? mix. I am currently feeding her Simply Nourish Grain Free. It has the right ingredients and gets high marks on Dog Food Advisor. However, her stools are orange/light brown and soft. I am considering changing foods. The only pet food stores around me...
  4. Best food for my new puppy

    Dog Food
    We got a new 9 weeks old puppy. She is a large breed (A Malinois/Caucasian Ovcharka mix). Currently on pro-native puppy food, she seems to be doing ok with it, with decent poo (texture and amount). However we'd like to give her the best food we can afford and for her to get all of the proper...
  5. Joints:Issues + Supplements - Recommendations on brand? Age to start giving them?

    Dog Health
    Hi Dog Forum. Brief Hx: -I have a 3yrs 4mos. old Boxer/Lab mix named June. Her weight hovers between 50-53lbs, but is usually pretty consistent at 51 or 52lbs. Vet has never said she's overweight. -When she was about 4months old puppy (2 months before I adopted her) she was hit by a car. She...
  6. treat recommendations?

    Dog Food
    if anyone has any good treat recommendations, please share! currently i am giving java dingo munchy stix twice a week, some milkbones [biscuit/chewy] every now & then, and some beef jerky strips from costco. we give her lots of fruits and veggies she loves and some other "human" food [please...