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  1. breed-specific dog food recipe

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    Hi! I am looking for a breed-specific dog food recipe by William Cusick. He has passed away and the website is gone. I know he sold several breed-specific recipes as I have one for another dog breed and he had one for BICHON FRISE. Does anyone in here have this recipe book and could scan it? I...
  2. Dehydrating Dog Treat Biscuits

    Dog Food
    Hello, I am using an Excalibur Dehydrator. My dog treat biscuits (wheat free, gourmet) are 10 mm or 3/8 of an inch in thickness. I am needing to dehydrate them for nearly 10 hours to get them to be completely dry so they have good crunch and so they can be packaged for sale and will not...
  3. After much research this is what I cook

    Dog Food Recipes
    G'Day, I have researched recipes till I am blue. I finally settled on my own concoction that I think is pretty good for my Beagle puppy and would love a second, or more, opinion. First, a little background info. Male Beagle born around July 4th of 2012 Came with a little puppy chow (he didn't...
  4. What should I feed a Border Collie Puppy?

    Dog Food
    What should I feed a Border Collie Puppy or even a BC dog? As in anything from the brand of puppy/dog food, good puppy food recipes, types of puppy/dog treats, recipes for puppy/dog treats, types of bones, or anything at all? Also, even advise on what someone should 'aviod' feeding a BC...