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  1. How to train my dog to not react when..

    Dog Training and Behavior
    How do I train my dog to not react when people are trying to upset or scare him on purpose? He's reactive, so he'll let out a few barks if he thinks a stranger is scary(I've been working on it) and for some reason almost every single day people bark or growl or whatever back at him, causing him...
  2. New from Oregon

    Hi! My name is Sara and I have an English Springer Spaniel, just 1 in February, named Frodo. I got him at 8 weeks old and he's been fun. He's a great dog, loving, obedient (for the most part), great with our seven kids and a bit of a "Velcro" dog with me, which was just what I wanted in an...
  3. Satanic cat + playful puppy = trip to the ER

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Chicken the heeler mix has been settling in really great since adopting him - we were having some issues at first but I think most of it was just anxiety over being in a new environment. Now to tackle the next situation - creating some kind of harmony between Chicken and my cat, Todd. Todd...
  4. Where to start with training this kind of a dog? Reactivity, excitement.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Stubbie is a wonderful dog, to me anyways, though he has many things I'd like to work on and inturn make him an even better dog. I know from looking around here that I am most definitely not alone when I say that Stubbie is reactive on leash, or even with just barriers when it comes to other...
  5. Your positive stories?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hey, everyone, how's your reactive dog doing? Can you give me some positive success stories? Your pup is all better now? Nearly bomb-proof? Made some doggy friends? We've moved to a larger place, and Coconut is basically back to where she was when we moved a year ago. I'm kind of feeling like...
  6. CHange in routine has triggered barking/fear

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi- I had my dog in daycare for 9 months 3 days a week and have switched her to a dog walker. The dog gets out for 2 hrs a day and plays her heart out then sleeps til I come home. No destruction or anything. But when I get ready to leave in the a.m. or anytime I put on my shoes, she barks...
  7. Hope for my dog aggressive dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Our dog is currently 1 year old. :) We've got him when he was 3 months in a shelter. When he was young, his reaction towards stranger dogs was some hesitation and as he got to meet a few playmates, he loved to play with them a lot. Once, he tried to approach a stray dog, but since he was too "in...