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  1. Jack Russell Mix Help Identifying

    Dog Breeds
    We have a four year old Jack Russell mix. He’s 45 lbs and we cannot figure out what he is mixed with. We always assumed maybe a mix of terriers and he does have a tendency to curl his paw and point when he sees an animal in a tree. I saw a rat terrier today and was surprised at how much they...
  2. Aggressive Behavior in 3 year old Rat Terrier

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I got my rat terrier and my chihuahua when they were both just 8 weeks old. They were raised together since 9 weeks old and get along great. Prior to them being one year old, I took them to dog park every weekend in order to ensure that they get proper socialization around other dogs. when...
  3. 1st time Dog Owner Needs Advice

    New Additions
    Hello, I adopted a 3 year old rat terrier/dachshund mix yesterday at an adoption event. When I first met her last weekend she was the friendliest dog I've seen. She loves people and dogs. So I decided to adopt her this weekend. When I got home with her, she was doing fine, a bit nervous but...
  4. Not emergency. I am a first dog owner. Want to prepare myself.

    Dog Health
    I read lots of threads in this topic and become afraid as a first time owner. As I joined the forum, people helped me to choose between Jack Russel and Basenji. Both of them are small so I would be able to easily travel, very cute and active, I thought. However, as found out, they do not suit...
  5. Bichon Frise feels uncomfortable with Rat Terrier

    New Additions
    Hello, I adopted a Bichon, he's a lovely with me, so well behaved, knows how to travel in car, won't enter to a room if you don't want him to (though he's always welcome) don't hmm pee or poo inside the house, he's really smart and loves doing tricks but what he loves the most is being hold in...
  6. Hello, new member in my dog family

    I had an Akita and then a Rat terrier, both were presents, my Akita passed away when I was like 10, he lived 15 years, my rattie was left alone, but grew up to be a playful, smart, loving and loyal dog, I love him. Recently I adopted a Bichon Frisé, I'm here to learn and share :)
  7. Norcal Dog Lover and Photographer

    Hi All! I'm an avid animal lover. I volunteer with several animal shelters and rescues as a photographer, trainer and foster parent. I myself have two lovable tripod mutts who are both rescues. Watson and Sherley (short for Sherlock) and they are our world! (We also have rats, guinea pigs and...