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  1. My dog has a bad rash on her armpit

    Dog Health
    Hey guys first time posting, My dog Luna has developed this underarm rash. She is a Boston Terrier/ Pitbull/ Boxer mix. I don't know what it is but it looks like it's gotten worse. It's only on one armpit and I haven't changed her diet significantly. I didn't know what any of you made of it or...
  2. My dog is licking himself raw, why?? pic included

    Dog Health
    I noticed this spot a couple days ago, but its just getting worse. I feel so bad because it seems like it is really itching him, I'm not sure what caused it/ how to help him. Any input?
  3. My dog has a red rash and yellow spots on underside

    Dog Health
    Hi, I have a hope that someone on here may be of some help, my dog (Staffordshire bull terrier) has just developed this rash with yellows spots all over his underside. This issue has randomly started had him 3 years never changed food washing powder etc. And had no problems with him. Now he...
  4. Weird rash + dog vomit

    Dog Health
    Hi all, new in this forum. This morning my dog vomit twice, only yellowish liquid nothing solid. Since then he ate and went to walks and everything seems overall fine. However I just noticed an unusual rash on his crotch which I think is very new (I would notice something like that if it was...
  5. Rash Under Belly

    Dog Health
    My dachsund gets this red rash under his belly often. The vet gives us itching cream but doesn't know what it is or how to avoid it. We tried switching foods, and he has even moved. Rarely on his chest, not often on legs. ALWAYS around his back/inner thighs and lower belly. Attached is a...
  6. Skin + allergies?

    Dog Health
    I recently obtained this lovely German Short Hair Pointer. 2 weeks into staying with us he developed these small itchy white nodules in clusters that eventually developed on the inside of his feet and the insides of both arms. These became infected because he continued to itch/lick. He was on...
  7. Whippet with rosy inner thigh rash

    Dog Health
    Hello! I'm curious if anyone has any information on a strange rash I have noticed on my whippet a couple different times. The rash is deep red with some scaling. He does not seem to be in pain but the rash does concern me. Thanks for any help.
  8. Rash - Red Spots?

    Dog Health
    This rash wasn't here yesterday, I've been checking on his neuter site daily. Nothing wrong with the actual neuter site however there is a bunch of small red circular rashes on his belly/private area. I don't think the two things are connected but I'm unsure. Anyone know what this could be...
  9. New member from Sri Lanka.

    I brought my puppy from a relative the day before yesterday. Don't exactly know the breed. But he looks alike my profile picture. He is one and a half month old. He is doing well except a little rash by the lack of bath from the old owners. I bathed him and treated him well. Now he is happy (I...
  10. Can anyone tell me what this rash is?

    Dog Health
    I am new to this forum literally because I can seem to find a vet in my area that will help and I can't afford emergency pet care. I will find a way to get her seen, but I thought maybe someone online could identify this and I might be able to treat it at home. She is a big crazy lab puppy and...
  11. My Dog Has This Rash - it won't go away!

    Dog Health
    My dog Derby has had this rash for 5 months now. It evolves into something different and more severe every time it comes back (it's never really gone away...just gets a little better and comes back worse). Back in November when he first got the rash, we had just moved so it pegged it as...
  12. Dry Spots on Skin

    Dog Health
    My German Shorthaired Pointer had a little dry patch a little smaller than a dime that I noticed about 2 weeks ago. I just found another little tiny one today as well as dry skin by her front elbows. We live in Arizona so it is really dry out here, I'm just wondering if this is something that...
  13. rash on my dog's face

    Dog Health
    My dog has already been to the vet. They are still not sure what she has. They gave her a topical antibiotic/fungal (Animax, I think was the name), that did nothing. It started to get rid of the bumps, but then ended up making her skin more red. Then we tried oral antibiotics, that did...
  14. skin rash and irritation

    Dog Health
    I have a 11 month old weimapeake (weimaraner Chesapeake bay mix) who has had mild red rashes on her tummy on and off since I got her at 6 weeks old. I just thought it was skin irritation from when she would have accidents in her kennel while potty training. She is still getting the rash though...
  15. Identify skin bites and rash

    Dog Health
    I think these are flea bites, but please hlp me confirm because I cant find any adult fleas with the comb. He takes trifexis monthly. He doesn't seem to in pain but he is licking and itching the area. It's mostly on his belly around his back legs, but we found a spot under his chin also. I've...
  16. Allergies? Yeast? Other problem for 10 yo american bulldog

    Dog Health
    I have a 10 1/2 yo white American Bulldog/Pit mix. She has been chronically getting hotspots, her belly is covered in a red rash and her paws and mouth are bright red too. We have taken her to the vet several times and all he prescribes is antibiotics. They clear everything up but it comes right...
  17. 3 months old puppy with Skin rash /pimples/

    Dog Health
    Hello, My JRT pup has rash. I can't find the reason and i am very concerned. Two vets examined him and they said, it has to be an allergy, but still i am a bit worried. After a walk, Pippin's belly is a bit reddish in color. And some pimples and little red spots appear. 2 -3 hours after he is...
  18. Diagnosis for skin problems

    Dog Health
    It's been 6 - 9 months that we've been battling a variety of skin problems with our mix breed lab. We have been back and forth to Vet Dermatologists and he's had bacteria infections and yeast infections in ears, groin, and anal area. The area around the eyes has become infected and is the...
  19. Please help: dog red rash?

    Dog Health
    So, I've noticed this this past month. His hind legs and arms, chest and paws are very red and have a rash. Im thinking it might be a food allergy. Does anyone know what this is and what i can do to stop it!?:confused: rash D: picture by Conniechen - Photobucket IMG_1943.jpg picture by...