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  1. Where to Practice Dog Agility?

    Dog Performance Sports
    Hi, I recently moved to a different part of the state. I used to practice agility in my (small) cement backyard. It wasn't ideal, but I had all the equipment. Now, I have a large, very slightly sloped grassy yard to practice in. The only problem is, I live in Washington, where it rains. A lot...
  2. Dog hates going out in the rain

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hey all! I'm new here, and also I've just adopted my first rescue pup! He's a 2 year old tibetan spaniel named Tenzi and a totally adorable little guy. I live in a super rainy climate, where it rains A LOT for like half the year, but I'm finding out that Tenzi absolutely hates the rain! What can...
  3. 2 ?'s, fear of rain in kennel & assoc 2 kennels as home

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I tried searching a bit for these topics so I apologize if I missed a keyword worth searching to find my questions. Firstly, I have a half black lab/half pit 10 month old dog. I have to work 8-4 weekdays, so our schedule isn't the best for a social dog. I have an outside chain link kennel...