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  1. Rabies Paranoia for my Dog?

    Dog Health
    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum so nice to meet all of you. I wanted to get everyone's opinion. So I have a 6 year old Akita. She loves to stay outdoors in the backyard as well as sleep outside at night. We have a doggy door for her so she can come in and out anytime. I've been wondering...
  2. My dog was scratched by a cat with rabies

    Dog Health
    So the title isn't entirely accurate but it's kind of the main point. Today I was walking a dog (not my own) and a cat was near. The cat almost instantly stepped forward and attacked the dog. The dog was scratched near the nose. The cat was drooling, which could be due to them being agitated...
  3. licked by a neighborhood stray on an open wound

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi all, I was licked(possibly but not sure) by a friendly neighborhood stray dog on an open wound(not very deep) on my palm. I feed her daily and she lives near my home. The dog is behaving normally. She was also vaccinated when the local dog shelter spayed her, but I do not remember how much...
  4. Rabies jab

    Dog Health
    I'm new here so I appologise if this is in the wrong section. I'm taking my dog abroad with me and I need to get her a rabies jab, I've googled it and ive read stories about it being fatal to dogs and the severe reactions they can cause. My vet never mentioned this to me. Does anyone have any...