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  1. Is a greyhound right for me?

    So I'm 16 and I left school awhile ago because of severe depression and anxiety. I find it hard to get out of bed and I want a buddy that will give me company by being around me and come up to me with a small tail wag looking for attention but not all of the time. A doggo that needs 2 20 min...
  2. Growling out of nowhere

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a very calm and friendly Yorkshire terrier. But lately he's been doing this thing. Ever since I started having longer hours at university whenever I arrive and meet him at home or in the car he growls in a low voice, staying still and stares at me but never takes a step to attack. It's...
  3. Should I trim my dog's fur?

    Dog Grooming
    Hello, I have a Husky/Australian Shepherd mix puppy and I've noticed that the fur on her back happens to be two to three times longer than everywhere else on her body. It lays down weirdly and has more of a heavy course feeling to it that's different from the rest of her fluffy body. It also...
  4. My Corgi has a foot fetish...?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello everybody, I am new to and wanted to see if anybody out there has experienced a dog with a legitimate foot fetish. I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Lilly who is about 1.5 years old now. She is extremely smart and adorable, but ever since she got comfortable with my family...
  5. Black hair looking strands growing near my female beagles vulva?

    Dog Health
    I hope someone is able to give me advice on this issue. I was at another forum Dogforums and I was turned away, and my thread was closed. It seems they don't like to answer health related questions. But a couple days ago I was checking my dog for fleas and I noticed one hair looking thing on...
  6. When I should bring my puppy home??

    New Additions
    So, me and my husband are picking out our goldendoodle puppy from a great breeder in two days. The issue is, we're going on a trip for a week just one week after we pick it out (we got in on this litter very last-minute and had no way to cancel trip unfortunately). The breeder has offered to...
  7. Do you think my Yorkie has anything else mixed in?

    Dog Breeds
    Hello all, I have a wonderful 1 year old pup named Frankie. He is a white Yorkshire Terrier. From the time we received him we've noticed he is larger than the average yorkie at 8.5lbs and has especially long legs/neck/body compared to the average Yorkie. Does anyone think there is another...
  8. I can't decide which dog to get! (Help wanted)

    Hello! I've been wanting a dog and would like to adopt a rescue but i'm having the toughest time deciding which dog breed to go with. I'd like some help from people who have experience with multiple dog breeds. Here's what I'm looking for in a dog! If you know of a breed that fits these...
  9. Help determining the breed

    Dog Breeds
    Hi- I recently adopted a puppy that is a beagle mix. Her mother was also at the shelter and I have a picture of her, but cannot determine what breed she is. I have attached the mother's picture-- please let me know what you think! I am interested in having a better idea of what breed my puppy...
  10. ESS Question- Field or Bench?

    Dog Breeds
    Hope this question is allowed. Would love some help from someone who knows the English Springer Spaniel well. :3 I've been trying to research the Springer breed ever since I got a Springer pup as a gift. I know there are 2 different types of ESS; Field and Bench, differences. Anyway, I'm curious...
  11. I was told She is a Pure Breed Saint Bernard but..

    Dog Breeds
    I am having my doubts. .. The lady I got Alexandria from, was not the breeder; And when I asked for the breeder's information the woman stated that the breeder would rather her information not out in the open. It seems a little fishy, so that is why I am asking. No matter if she is mixed or not...
  12. What quesitions to ask breed owners to get to know more about the breed?

    Dog Breeds
    Hey! Guys, you know people say that a good way to get to know a breed is by asking breed owners about them? Well what kind of questions could you ask? Thanks Ahead!:thumbsup::);) Dobergirl
  13. What is the breeds?

    Dog Breeds
    I rescued this dog from a bad place and the vet nor i either one can tell what he is possibly mixed with. He is 52 pounds 17 inches tall stocky barrel chested spotted tongue little ears and severe underbite