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  1. Puppy has lesion on mouth

    Dog Health
    Hes 3 weeks old and this lesion was just noticed today. I have put triple antibiotic cream on it, but I'm no vet and have never seen something like this. Any suggestions on what it may be and what may have caused it would be great. Thanks
  2. What breed is he?

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hey everyone!! So I work at a vet hospital, and today we had an adorable, lost, puppy come in.. only thing is, none of us can figure out what breed it is. Thrown around the idea of it being a Pomeranian, German Shepard, Finnish Spitz, etc. but I’ve been comparing photos to all types of dog...
  3. Any advice?

    Puppy Help
    Hello! I am new to this forum and was wondering if anyone could help me with my current predicament. I got my Shih Poo, Jemma, when she was 4 months old. When we first got her, we noticed she would eat her own feces. We asked the vet how to stop it and they sold us Forbid powder. After that...
  4. Puppy possibly swallowed small clothing item - no signs of blockage

    Dog Health
    Sunday evening I was putting away laundry and my 5-month-old puppy (Bernedoodle, 35lb) sneaked in and grabbed some small items, usually, she just chews on them and does not swallow anything, this time there is a possibility that she has eaten one. My husband is certain that she did not and that...
  5. Felix The Crybaby

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Three months ago I purchased two Pomeranian/Chihuahua/Shih Tzu mix puppies, a brother and sister pair named Bella and Felix. At first Bella was the outgoing, spunky little thing that was far more vocal, always initiating play fighting, and was much more content to roam my yard than to sit in my...
  6. Toy Poodle has dry cracked skin on his neck

    Puppy Help
    Hello all, i have a 9 months old toy poodle named Harley, and he is suffering from dry cracked skin on his necks. He is also seen scratching his neck area frequently, and only now i have noticed his neck has dry and flaky skin which looks like he has dandruff on his neck too. I am not sure what...
  7. What dog breed is this?

    Dog Breeds
    I've got this 3 months old dog. The guy my mom is dating gave him to me, he said it's a pure German Shepherd, does it look like a German Shepherd? I don't know about dogs so I'm asking you guys. If he's a German Shepherd is hi a blanket one? (Sorry for my English, it's not my first language)
  8. What breed of dog is this?

    Puppy Help
  9. Puppy now fighting with my older dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I got a German Shepard puppy about a year ago, now I already had a dog. She was larger than my GSD at the time despite only being a Pomeranian/Husky mix, though I knew that wouldn’t last forever. At first my elder dog was afraid of the puppy but eventually they got along quite well. They played...
  10. Does my pup poop and pee to get treats?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I know it sounds like a silly question. It's his behavior that I have been observing since yesterday. So, my puppy, Milo was brought to our home just yesterday. He seems like a very smart pup. He makes poo and pee accidents on the tiled floor sometimes, but most of the time, he poops and pees...
  11. Crate training advise for an 8 week old puppy

    Puppy Help
    I'm unsure if this is a good idea. I'm going to have an 8 week old puppy. I want to crate train when I'm not home and for sleeping. I do not want to use pee pads. Is it a bad idea to put the crate inside an x-pen. When I am not home crate door will be closed. But when I am home I want to...
  12. Can we crate Puppy during day??

    Dog Training and Behavior
    This summer my family went to a young cousins birthday party and met their cute, sleepy little puppy. We had been looking for a dog, but hadn't found any my mom thought were "cute enough". This one met the marks, apparently. Lo and behold, after texting the previous owners of Millie(their...
  13. Advice on introducing a puppy to older under socialised dog

    New Additions
    Hi all, Currently I have a 8 year old Labrador retriever mix living at home that lacks some of the critical socialisation skills a dog should have. She is nervous around new people, barks quite a lot and doesn't get along with some dogs. The dogs she doesn't get along with are almost always...
  14. Introducing a puppy to an under socialised older dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi, Currently I have a 8 year old Labrador retriever mix living at home that lacks some of the critical socialisation skills a dog should have. She is nervous around new people, barks quite a lot and doesn't get along with some dogs. The dogs she doesn't get along with are almost always...
  15. 7 months old puppy has suddenly started barking

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello! I would love some insight and possibly some help with an issue I'm dealing with :) I'm definitely in the puppy haze, and not sure if I'm seeing things straight :D I have a wonderfully sweet, active and intelligent border collie puppy. Most of the time he is behaving excellently! He has...
  16. New Puppy Blues - Looking for Support

    Hi all, New puppy owner here! Six days ago my partner and I got an 8 week old Goldendoodle named Chili. She is gorgeous and smart and also a little bit crazy! Of course we know this is normal and are patient with her. For the past 4 nights she has slept 7 straight hours in her crate. She is...
  17. Having Second Thoughts on Getting a New Puppy

    New Additions
    Hi everyone! I just joined this forum, after reading several posts and seeing how helpful and friendly people are here. :) My husband and I have been talking about getting a puppy/dog for quite a while now. We have one cat. We had a dog before (adopted at the age of 7), and that was my only dog...
  18. I think my dog has possibly overdosed!

    Dog Health
    Okay I'm gonna start from the beginning. I have a 3 month old puppy named Bindi. She's a very hyperactive dog, has a very ravenous appetite, loves to play with her toys. Wednesday she was completely fine except for not wanting to eat all of her food. I usually put her in her kennel around 10:30...
  19. Pupstime - Daily update about dog

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Featuring daily cute dog for you! Love us? Subscribe to the thread. PM for removals/credit
  20. 4 m/o puppies missed their socialization window?

    New Additions
    Three weeks ago, my family took in two st. poodle brothers from an overpopulated family, both are now just 4 months old. They play really well together and caught on very fast during their basic obedience training (done separately). The puppies are walked twice a day each separately. They have...