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  1. 6 month old teething pup problem

    Puppy Help
    So I just recently fostered Leo, a mutt from the local Humane Society, almost everything has gone smoothly with the exception of his teething. He seems to only want to chew on fabric things (shirts, blankets, sheets, ect) When I see him doing this I give him a stern "N0" and try and replace...
  2. Puppy teeth - vet says they should be gone?

    Puppy Help
    Cobber isn't quite 6 months old yet (9/15/13), and he's at the vet's today for his neuter and chipping procedures. The vet who's doing the surgery just called because he noticed in his pre-surgical exam that Cobber still has some baby teeth, a few molars. All his canines and front teeth are...