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puppy pads
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  1. Housetraining
    Hi everyone - I have a six-month-old Morkie and I would like to transition her from puppy pads to outside only. I got her when she was 18 weeks and she was partially trained for puppy pads. She will use them 9/10 times, but she does have occasional accidents. I take her out for walks when I...
  2. Piddle Place
    I thank any of you that take the time to reply here or email me at PiddlePlace As most of you know, Piddle Place is now delighted to be part of the Petsafe family. This is helping our efforts to remove the barriers to pet companionship and adoption. In the past, many people have asked us...
  3. Housetraining
    Hi everyone! This is my first post here after reading lots of posts since getting my pup :) I've had my brand new 9 week old Yorkshire Terrier pup for 3 days, and started house training straight away. She was using puppy pads with the breeder so I thought she would be OK with them here, however...
1-3 of 3 Results