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  1. Dog Health
    My puppy is almost 2 months old. She's really very energetic and playful. But I've recently noticed that she's little bit down for 2-3 days. I've checked her breathing and found out almost 63 times per minute. Is she normal? Is she having a fever?
  2. Dog Food
    Our first puppy coming home when he is 10 weeks old advice on food & training needed Hi! We're getting our first puppy ever home in 4 weeks. He's a Schnauzer, lovely guy. But of course, I'd say so. We need advise on crate training - we want him to be independent and therefore plan to keep the...
  3. New Additions
    Hi all, I'm about to adopt a puppy and am really unsure where to keep her. Unfortunately, my current place won't allow a puppy (which is not clear from the lease, and I didn't realize when I agreed to adopt), but I'm moving to a new home with a yard and everything in about a month. In the...
  4. Dog Health
    Recently, our pup decided to eat her poop. I was so worried that day so i took her to the vet. The vet ordered a stool exam. I sent in the sample the other day, got the results yesterday. Lo and behold, our puppy has giardia.:sick: This is her second day of medicine that we had to mix in wet...