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  1. Large Breed Puppy Food Choices

    Dog Food
    Hi all. We have a 20 week old German Shepherd mix puppy named Bradley. When we got him from the rescue he was being fed Purina Puppy Chow, mixed with Purina Dog Chow, wet food and warm water, as all the rescue dogs were fed together. We were only given a small bag (enough for 1 meal) of the dry...
  2. Rachel Ray Nutrish ok for puppy?

    Dog Food
    I adopted a 2 month old Aussiedor in early December 2017. at the time of the adoption the foster mom provided me with the food he has been eating since it was appropriate for him to eat dry food. I was given Rachel Ray Nutrish Natural Beef & Brown Rice. I looked it up online and so far the...
  3. Our first puppy coming home when he is 10 weeks old advice on food & training needed

    Dog Food
    Our first puppy coming home when he is 10 weeks old advice on food & training needed Hi! We're getting our first puppy ever home in 4 weeks. He's a Schnauzer, lovely guy. But of course, I'd say so. We need advise on crate training - we want him to be independent and therefore plan to keep the...
  4. Puppy food question

    Dog Health
    Hi all - question for you on food for my pup. I have a nearly 5 month old westie. We have been giving him Blue Buffalo Wilderness for puppies for a couple of months now. He likes it, always finishes his food and doesn't have issues with vomiting. He still eats 3 meals a day, and i give him the...
  5. Fromm Dog Food

    Dog Food
    Hello! I am getting my first corgi puppy in a few months and I've been researching dog food like crazy. From what I've read, Fromm seems like a good brand that is worth trying. However, a few things are concerning me regarding the Fromm Gold Large Breed Puppy formula. For example, the CA/PH...
  6. Puppy food for 4-5mths old Dachshund

    Dog Food
    Hello there I have been reading a lil about dry puppy food and have some idea whats good and whats not. I am using 1st choice puppy food but i now realized it is not too good. I have since selected Acana, Wellness and Primal. Pls let me know if you are recommending something else. Is it...
  7. Curious about dog eating cat food

    Dog Food
    Every night when I take Cobber into my bedroom to crate him for bed, we pass the cats' room. Very often, he'll run in there and go straight to their dry food dish -- he absolutely LOVES the cats' Wellness grain-free adult cat kibble. That got me wondering if his eating dry, grain-free...
  8. Dry food for a picky puppy?

    Dog Food
    My 10 month old mini schnauzer, Ezreal, is so picky about the dry food she eats. When we originally got her she had only ever been eating Purina Puppy Chow, and I wanted to switch her to a (at least slightly) healthier brand, but we've had little luck finding anything she likes. So far we've...
  9. Which types of food is important for puppy?

    Dog Food
    Hi, I want to know that which types of food is important for puppy in U.K?