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  1. Regarding my puppy's health

    Dog Health
    My puppy is almost 2 months old. She's really very energetic and playful. But I've recently noticed that she's little bit down for 2-3 days. I've checked her breathing and found out almost 63 times per minute. Is she normal? Is she having a fever?
  2. What set-up should we have in the car when we bring our puppy home?

    New Additions
    Age of puppy: 10 weeks Breed: Miniature Schnauzer Duration of ride home: 2 hours What sort of set-up should we have for him in the car? How often do you think we'll need to stop for him to use the 'services'? He would have had his shots by then so it shouldn't be a problem to take him outside...
  3. Need advice: How long to leave my 8week puppy?

    General Dog Discussion
    My partner and I live in London in an apartment and both work full-time. We are thinking of getting a miniature wirehaired dachshund and have given it a lot of thought. we know it's a huge responsibility but want a dog in our lives so much! Our main concern is leaving the puppy alone while at...
  4. Puppy swallowed a bone piece

    Dog Health
    Took my 5 month old border collie x kelpie to a friends place, and he found a bone in her garden. I tried to take it from him, but he swallowed it too quickly. I'm not sure if it was sharp or not, but it wasn't very big. It happened on Thursday night, and it's now Sunday and I haven't noticed...
  5. Where should I keep my puppy?: new pup and an anti-vax mother!

    New Additions
    Hi all, I'm about to adopt a puppy and am really unsure where to keep her. Unfortunately, my current place won't allow a puppy (which is not clear from the lease, and I didn't realize when I agreed to adopt), but I'm moving to a new home with a yard and everything in about a month. In the...
  6. I'm confused by our puppy's behavior

    Puppy Help
    We just got our puppy (11 weeks old) a day ago and he sits up against the wall the whole time with his head up against the wall as we pet him. He's a siberian husky & lab mix (white with blue eyes). He growls and squirms when we try to pick him up but after some time and finally in our arms he...
  7. Our pup arrives in 3 weeks YIKES!

    Puppy Help
    What a terrific Forum! I have been reading all of the 'Puppy' posts and am sucking up the info like a Hoover. After reading a few "OMG What Have I Done" posts, I thought I would seek some advice BEFORE 'Pup' arrives. Us: We (as a couple) are moving in with the owner of an apartment and his 11...
  8. Collie Puppy Info Please?

    Puppy Help
    Bonjour I would like to know about COLLIES! We are thinking about getting a rough white collie puppy from Garlind Ridge Collies. First dog, so any and all info/tips/stories are welcome. We have a pretty large house, and will definitely puppy-proof it and tidy up before we get one. Are there any...