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puppy biting

  1. CATS & TEETHING - Need help with 3 Month Old Aussiedor

    New Additions
    back in early December I had the joy of adopting my little aussiedor pup, Joey. he has been a delight (for the most part ;)) I am having issues with my lil buds teething as well as his actions towards my 10 yr old cat. he seems to love ppls hands, ankles and calves when it comes to biting. he...
  2. My 15 week old pup poops and pees inside right after being outside for 2 hours! HELP!

    PLEASE help, as I am at my wits end! We have a 15 week old Pit Bull mix puppy whom we have had since he was 6 weeks old. I have been working with him non stop on his house training but we are getting NOWHERE! I am doing exactly what our trainer told us to do and are TOTALLY consistent. Every...
  3. New puppy is a MINI AUSSIE...psycho

    New Additions
    Hi all!!! I have a 1.5 year old cocker spaniel, but just got a 5 month old mini aussie......she's NUTS. I've never heard a dog bark so much!!! Nothing gets her to stop. She also constantly bites and nips. I really need help :( It's getting really frustrating. I know they're a super intelligent...
  4. Two Q's, Puppy Exercise and Puppy Biting!

    Puppy Help
    Well I've posted once before on the site about puppy exercise, so here I go again haha! I have an almost 9 week old Australian Shepherd puppy, and I've been exercising her in about 45 minute periods throughout the day, usually totalling up to 5 hours each day. It feels like a lot, and I know...
  5. Puppy Biting at 4 months normal? Am I reacting correctly?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi everyone. I tried really hard to find something in the forums related to my specific question, but came up with nothing. I'm a newb to these sorts of forums. I have a 4 month old (today!) lab-mix puppy. She's come a long way in terms of puppy biting in two, she used to bite our feet and...