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  1. Advice on training a puppy whose mother died while giving birth?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Last month, my husband and I adopted an 8-week old chocolate lab-mix puppy (he is now 11 weeks old) from a local dog rescue. The foster told us that the mother had died while giving birth to her pups, and told us that the only big problem we'd encounter would be constant mouthing, as our puppy...
  2. Aggressive Puppy

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi everyone, this is going to be a long story so please bear with me. My family recently adopted an "8 week" (I actually think the breeder said she's younger than she actually is, maybe closer to 10-11 weeks) old pit puppy and we're having some abnormal aggression issues already. Of course...
  3. Aggressive puppy need help

    Puppy Help
    Ok so I have a 9-week-old male bernese mountain dog puppy. He has been showing some severe signs of aggression. I’ve had many big dogs all my life and have raised 4 puppies (3 goldens and 1 chow mutt). He was the largest in his litter by over 3 pounds. I believe that he is used to being the big...
  4. Our adopted 9 mo old puppy barks at his Dad

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Our new puppy is so sweet. Not too sure of his history other than this is his 3rd (and final) home in his short 9 months of life. He is a poodle mix? Shih tzu? Our problem is that he barks aggressively at my husband. His usual reaction is to kneel down and give the puppy pets. This does...