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puppy adolescence

  1. Puppy/senior interaction

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I just got a new puppy and trying to introduce my 7 year old 170lb English mastiff to him. The older dog seems very interested wants to be wherever the puppy is. Always wanting to smell him. And when the puppy cries she wants to investigate and she sleeps by his crate. But she pulls away when...
  2. Need Help Housebreaking Puppy During VERY Cold Winter

    Puppy Help
    my aussiedor and I are living in metro Detroit and obviously, its winter time. temps have gotten to -3 degrees F and my pup is having trouble staying outside to finish his business. he actually will hold his back paws up and looks terrified after a few mins and I just pick him up and rub his...
  3. CATS & TEETHING - Need help with 3 Month Old Aussiedor

    New Additions
    back in early December I had the joy of adopting my little aussiedor pup, Joey. he has been a delight (for the most part ;)) I am having issues with my lil buds teething as well as his actions towards my 10 yr old cat. he seems to love ppls hands, ankles and calves when it comes to biting. he...
  4. Dog barks while I'm AT home

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi! I have an 8 month old mini longhaired dachshund who barks constantly while I'm at home with her, but is fine when I leave her alone at home. A little bit of background: I take her out every morning for about 1.5 hours during which we meet with a small group of 4 other dogs, where we do a...