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  1. Littermate Syndrome / Dogs Close in Age

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello! I have a 9 year old pit bull and wanted to get a Labrador retriever since our other lab passed away. I have been on a breeder’s waitlist for a few months and she said that my litter will be ready to go home January/February. While looking around at other breeders just in case this one...
  2. Fear of Another Puppy

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello! Thanks for any help! :) Our chocolate lab (Tobi) passed away at only 6.5 years old due to osteosarcoma. We tried to extend his life by doing amputation and chemo but the cancer was too aggressive and had spread to his lungs. Therefore, we had to make the difficult decision to let him go...
  3. Lost puppy

    Puppy Help
    This puppy arrived at our doorstep this morning out of nowhere. We thought he was a stray and probably lost his way. We went down and dropped him on the street, only to find that he’d made it upstairs to our doorstep again (we stay on the 4th floor). He has been constantly wailing and looks...