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    Need Your HELP!! No matter how you’re feeling, a little dog gonna love you. Please support this campaign "Puppies over People" by - STREET DOGS CARING CENTER INDIA which helps street dogs in India by providing food, shelter and finds adopters. Buy at least one tee for your contribution. Visit...
  2. Looking for Reputable Havapoo Breeder

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello! I am looking for a reputable havepoo breeder near the NY area. Would not want to have the pup travel via plane. Looking for a breeder who treats dogs well, not a puppy mill, and whose dogs are generally healthy and happy. Any leads would be appreciated as well as breeders to...
  3. Pupstime - Daily update about dog

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Featuring daily cute dog for you! Love us? Subscribe to the thread. PM for removals/credit
  4. I designed a golden retriever t-shirt

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    What do you guys think of the design ?!:ponder::eyeroll::)
  5. Underweight and Not Eating

    Dog Health
    Hi Everyone, 4 days ago I adopted an 11-week old Golden Retriever pup. On the car ride home he was really mellow and just slept like a baby the entire time. The next day he still continued to sleep for majority of the day and didn't do much. I just thought it was due to stress of being taken...
  6. Introducing myself and my little diva, Missy!

    Hi all, my name is Mari and my puppy's name is Missy. Missy is an 11 week old Maltipoo, I got her 3 weeks ago as soon as she was ready to leave her mommy's side. I'm a wife who works from home, Missy keeps me company as I'm prone to anxiety & depression. My long term goal is to someday have her...
  7. Pregnant Foster!

    General Dog Discussion
    Please welcome Allie, our latest pregnant foster! This sweet girl is what we are calling a Basenji mix and young at 1-2 years old. Allie was seized from a home due to drug activity and shortly after arriving it become obvious she was pregnant. She arrived Saturday, but I was unable to post until...
  8. What might this dog breed be?

    New Additions
    I'm sure this dog is mixed with chihuahua and something else He's about 2 months old; Guesstimation. I don't know where he was born or from what breeds. All i know is that he is very very playful, extremely hyper, even for a puppy (we do have 3 other dogs as well). If anyone could help, it'd...
  9. Day 58 Puppy Xray

    Dog Health
    Hey ya'll! My registered, health-tested Australian Cattle Dog is nearing her whelp date! We previously did an ultrasound much early in the pregnancy and saw 5 healthy heartbeats. Then yesterday (day 58 of her pregnancy) we got her x-rayed for an accurate puppy count and to make sure everything...
  10. Can you guess what Breeds my pups are

    Dog Breeds
    Hi Guys, New to this whole forum thing. I have 3 puppies and in all honesty need help identifying what could be in them. Please have a look and let me know Would appreciate the help :thumbsup:
  11. healthiest treats for training/and training methods for a puppy?

    Dog Food
    Hello, I'm new to dog forums, forums in general, please bear with me. I have a 3 month old maltipoo. We (my bf and I) have been training her since we got her (a month ago) but we've been using plain, unseasoned turkey. Training as in sit, stay, lay down and using the potty pads. The turkey has...
  12. Older Puppy Plays Too Rough With Younger Puppy

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Two weeks ago we got a 3 month old Australian Shepherd (Lucy) from friends who found out their daughter is allergic. 2 weeks before, we had out a deposit on a Mini Aussie/Yellow Lab puppy (Gabi). In the two weeks, Lucy has gotten better at staying calm around new people and biting/nipping a lot...
  13. Mother dog with food aggression toward puppies

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I inherited a rescue dog not too long ago and she had puppies on 7/21. She is showing food aggression toward them and I don't know how to ease the situation, to move along the weening process, which according to everything I've read starts at about 4 weeks and should be completed by 8.5 weeks...
  14. Hi there!

    Hey there! I'm new here :) I'm Maya. I'm 13 years old and I own 2 dogs (and a cat haha)! Peanut is a 7 yr old deaf Chihuahua x. He did agility in the past, but never compete. He did a few demos at fairs though! Peanut can get his NTD, ITD and ATD title (I'm just too cheap to order them! haha)...
  15. Aggressive puppy, 6 weeks old.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My dog had a litter of puppies 6 weeks ago, one of them, his name is Prince, rolled in urine today so I gave him a bath. He is nice and clean and he was happy until I tried to put him back in with the other puppies. There is a female puppy, her name is Scruffy. Once I put him in, the other...
  16. What are your experience with buying a puppy

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I just started looking for my first dog. I'm thinking, what do I have to pay special attention to when buying a puppy? what are the most common "problems" with puppies in the beginning, what is your experience and what issues and questions did you have when buying your first dog (buying and...
  17. Anybody know how to break up a puppy fight?

    General Dog Discussion
    My family knew we were biting off a little more than we can chew when we brought home a second puppy. Both of them are wonderful and they love each other. They like to sleep together but they don't always share toys and food which is disconcerting. Here's where things get rough. They are both...
  18. My passion for doggies turns into business

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi there, guys. I recently found this forum and today I decided to register and finally create my first thread. I have always loved dogs. When I was a kid, my parents always refused to buy me a dog (sad story, huh) :D . Today, I decided to turn my passion for puppies into something like a...
  19. Puppy attachment issues

    Puppy Help
    Hi - my puppy is 3 1/2 months old. We have had him for 2 weeks. During these 2 weeks I have been his primary caregiver as I have been working from home, and my boyfriend is gone during the day. When I am home he is mostly out with me, but when we are gone he is in a crate. I have also started to...
  20. I found these sweethearts on the side of the road

    Dog Breeds
    obviously, i took them in and am looking to find them homes. i am not really good at the whole breeds thing, so any help would be cool. i know they are probs mixes but still.