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  1. New Dogs and Puppies
    Hello, muy dog had her puppies 2 weeks ago (november 6th) she had a c section and now she's kinda smelly and somewhat dirty. Can i bathe her now? Or should i wait more weeks? How many?
  2. General Dog Discussion
    I feel bad when my family scolded my dog. I asked them first before getting him and they agreed and are excited they cuddled him and played with him but as time went by they got tired and they couldnt take responsibility of him especially when he does poo and pee. They dont have enough patience...
  3. Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi just wondered if anyone has any suggestions. we have two mixed breed 5month old puppies. They are truly frightened of the TV. We have tried to only have soothing images on the box with the sound down. I have tried it with no sound and no colour. We have spent days giving treats every time the...
  4. Dog Health and Food
    I recently adopted 2 puppies, a 16-week old DDB and a 14-week Lab. Plus we have a 9-year-old Boxer. The boxer has been on raw his entire life with no problems. Currently, I am feeding a combination of chicken thighs, drumsticks, and sometimes beef trim, along with gizzard, hearts, and liver...
  5. New Dogs and Puppies
    Hello there New to the forum. I am looking for some advice after having a really hard time with the stud dog owner that has bred with my bitch. Firstly, just to point out, I intended to breed my bitch mainly for ourselves and family members to have a pup. A close friend advised that his work...
  6. New Dogs and Puppies
    Hello again, I joined a couple weeks ago after the unexpected passing of my girl after an emergency c section. I also wrote about a few of my pups passing. I reached out the vet who delivered my pups for their birth weight and they don’t have their weights in the medical file.. also one of the...
  7. Dog Health and Food
    Hello, I’m new here.. not sure if I’m writing under the correct subject. my dog required a emergency c section on Sunday. We called every vet in our city and all the surrounding cities. The vet that could get us in the soonest was a hour drive away from us. I spoke with the vet and she said if...
  8. lana3.jpg

    Photo session of my toy terrier girl being pregnant with 8 pups.
  9. lana4.jpg

    Cheerful Photo session of my toy terrier girl being pregnant with 8 pups.
  10. Dog Training and Behavior
    (Repost) We recently adopted a healthy male mini Sheltie puppy at 11 weeks (now 12 weeks old) from a breeder and he seems so stoic. The first time we met him, the breeder was holding him in her arms and he didn’t wag his tail or show much interest in us. We didn’t take this to heart...
  11. New Dogs and Puppies
    Hey everyone, I'm from Missouri and I wasn't sure how to find answers for this so I thought I'd make an account here. My girlfriend works for a farm that sends animals to parties and events. My girlfriend recently found out that the property has Parvo. One of the owners discussed with her that...
  12. Dog Training and Behavior
    Okay, please read all of this and I would love to here your opinions! I have a puppy, almost 5 months old. She is part old English sheepdog and part poodle... full of energy :) I try to only use positive re-enforcement training. One of my problems is this. About a month ago I started taking...
  13. Dog Health and Food
    Hi guys! My little 8 week old puppy has these pimples on her stomach in which I just noticed today. She has not been scratching it and it doesn’t seem to bother her but they kind of look scary. If anyone knows what this is I would love some feedback!
  14. Dog Health and Food
    Hello again Nova my 4 month old malamute seems to have narrow base teeth, has anyone else had to have their dog’s teeth pulled? How much did it cost? thank you for your help
  15. Puppy Help
    A housemate began to foster two 11 week old puppies with the intention of keeping only 1. After a few days, I realized I wanted to adopt the second one (they're sisters). She has been caring exclusively for the pups for over a week now and they are closely bonded with her. She's doing a great...
  16. General Dog Discussion
    Hello! I am looking for a reputable havepoo breeder near the NY area. Would not want to have the pup travel via plane. Looking for a breeder who treats dogs well, not a puppy mill, and whose dogs are generally healthy and happy. Any leads would be appreciated as well as breeders to...
  17. Dog Pictures and Videos
    Featuring daily cute dog for you! Love us? Subscribe to the thread. PM for removals/credit
  18. Dog Pictures and Videos
    What do you guys think of the design ?!:ponder::eyeroll::)
  19. Dog Health and Food
    Hi Everyone, 4 days ago I adopted an 11-week old Golden Retriever pup. On the car ride home he was really mellow and just slept like a baby the entire time. The next day he still continued to sleep for majority of the day and didn't do much. I just thought it was due to stress of being taken...
1-19 of 89 Results