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  1. What kind of pup am I?

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    Any help is appreciated
  2. My golden retriever puppy wont go on the side walk

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi everyone! We just got a new golden retriever puppy! She's 8 weeks old and we love her. We have her for 4 days now and I'm already addicted. We got her from a breeder who had 2 pregnant goldens at the same time and she said she couldn't make them go outside or do any socialization since...
  3. Must Read:5 Common Mistakes Puppy Owners Make [LONG ARTICL]

    Dog Training and Behavior
    this is an amazing article about puppy owners and mistake they make on they puppy i think you have to read this before make these mistakes and make your puppy soo sad here is it >>> it's a long article so i...
  4. dog chewing through door and barking

    Dog Training and Behavior
    my American Staffordshire Terrier, Rex, is now 10 months old and we originally lived on a property and now living in a fenced yard. when rex is left alone he has chewed through my big wood front door, and when left outside he tries to escape and just sits at the gate barking and won't even go...
  5. 8 week old puppy not eating

    New Additions
    Hello - first post here and really after some helps and tips. My 8 week old Cavapoo just isn't interested in his food. The breeder thinks this may be because he was in with older / bigger dogs and we have had him checked by 2 vets and they couldn't find anything physically wrong with him...
  6. Happy to be here(:

    Hi! I have an 8 year old puggle and a 2 month old hound mix puppy! My husand and I adopted out little Sebastian just yesterday and he is a little ball of energry! Him and out older dog Copper (whom I have had since I was 13) are getting along for the most part! Copper dosnt want to play with...
  7. Foot injury - how well will this puppy heal?

    Dog Health
    We are selecting from a litter where one of the puppies has this injury on her foot. We're told the mother stepped on the puppy's foot, and the vet is unsure if hair will grow in this spot. Based on the picture, any thoughts on how well this will heal?
  8. advice for new puppy owner?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have recently convinced my parents to let me get a puppy and I know its not ideal but id be taking care of it around my school schedule, I know its not the greatest idea but I am determined to make it work. I have been doing some research but I still have a few questions any and all help would...
  9. Puppie with anxiety. Any advice?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hey all, My girlfriend found a puppy on the street about 2 weeks ago. It's sister had been hit by a car. We were told it is roughly 7 months old. It is microchipped and the rescue agency near us was able to contact the original owner. Apparently it has been passed around many times and no...
  10. Proplan food reccommended daily puppy ration too low?

    Dog Food
    Hello every one. I have a labrador puppy and I am feeding him with the reccommended ration of purina Proplan for puppies. It says that one should give him 56grm of food for day. I`m really not sure if it´s enough for my 5kg- 8 weeks labrador puppy. Any oppinions?
  11. 4 mo old puppy TRAINED heres how i did it

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I recently got an 8 month presa canario puppy. I started to train with him after he knew his name well. I first started with getting him to sit by coaxing him with a treat then proceeded to laying down laying down. Every time I fed him I would whistle very loud so he would understand to...