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  1. How to deal with overexcited biting and stubborness (in puppies)

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We have a 4 month old puppy (male)he is a lab mix and he has issues with trying to climb our legs and then biting and lunging at us. Recently we've noticed that this happens USUALLY during walks! Especially when there are cats around and people he gets so excited starts jumping, pulling on...
  2. I waste way too much time

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    on cuteoverload,, and fluffingtonpost while I'm at work. Does any else have that problem or I am the only bad employee on the planet? hehe:p
  3. Pregnancy after mammary tumour diagnosis

    Dog Health
    Hi my 2 and a half year old Great Dane Domino recently had what is believed to be a mammary tumour removed (we are awaiting test results), im just curious as to whether it is possible or dangerous to put her in pup before the recommended desexing? This is based on of course only if the tumour...
  4. Help Puppy to Grow Slowly

    Dog Food
    Hi Guys, I recently got a Boerboel pup (about 3-4 months old now). A Boerboel is a big mastiff-type dog. The Boerboel, like many other large dogs, are prone to get Hip Dysplasia. I've read that improper feeding may lead your pup to grow too fast, which in turn makes it even more susceptible...
  5. This Dog Can Count Money!!! So cute!!!

    Fun and Games
    How adorable is this?!
  6. Jewelry for the Animal Lover in All of Us

    Off Topic Discussion
    Hi: Check out my new banner ad for my Dazzling Animal business at the top of the page, next to the Dog chewing on the rawhide. Most of my enamel line is 3-d with, say, the head applied on top of the body, the back legs behind the body etc. The cats have sterling silver threads for whiskers...