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  1. Fat pug

    Dog Health
    I have an 11 week old female pug. It's been with me for 4 weeks, and I believe It's getting fat. 4 weeks ago it weighed 1.3 kg, now it weighs 2.7 kg. There is no noticable growth in the puppy's height, however its getting fatter by the day. I feed it 4 meals of puppy dry food daily. Each meal...
  2. Fun Pug Quiz

    Fun and Games
    Yesterday I randomly stumbled across this quora post about interesting facts about pugs and it linked to a quiz about my favorite dog breed so because I have a pug and I wanted to challenge myself I took it. I had a fun time guessing on the answers. I actually got 10 points right which I am...
  3. Advice Needed Regarding Second Dog

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello fellow dog lovers, I have a small dilemma with the sizing of a puppy. A few months ago our beloved Labradoodle passed away leaving his brother, a German Shepherd Corgi. My family and I have been looking for a puppy that will meet our standards. My father and I are more partial to a...
  4. Foster Frug gets anxious and attacks wife

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi, we began fostering a frug (frenchie/pug) 3 weeks ago. He is just 3 yrs and a sweety. Totally bonded with me, however... He will come visit my wife, she will pet an be close to him. He is good for a minute, then he gets an uncomfortable look in his eyes, growls for 2-3 seconds then attacks...
  5. Pug Puppy Training Advice

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello All, My wife and I are proud first time dog/puppy owners. We have an 8 week old female pug which we have had for little over a week now. I wanted to reach out and make sure we are heading down the right path with her training in regards to crate training, potty training and really...
  6. Adopt, Don't Shop! Tell me guys what you think about this

    Dog Art
    Hi! I designed a pet adoption shirt to encourage people to adopt. I wanted to see if you guys can share it and spread the word, check out the design here what do you guys think? thanks! Here's a preview of the design :):):)
  7. Found This Awesome Pug Shirt!

    General Dog Discussion
    Found this funny shirt online thought you guys might find it funny
  8. Possible trachea collapse from prong collar?/Rant about bad trainer

    Dog Training and Behavior
    So, this is a really long background for a short story and also a rant about a bad trainer. A few months back, I took my dad's French Bulldog, Blu, because he was always alone in a playpen and I had him more often than my dad did because he was always traveling. My Puggle, Olive, became really...
  9. Pug puppy rubbing genitals and itching

    Dog Health
    Hi Everyone, My name is Jonathan and I own a pug called Cyril. He is a lovely animal, very playful, and otherwise healthy. However, throughout the day, and not following any discernable pattern or explanation he has manic fits of rubbing his genitals on the floor, yelping, gnawing at his paws...
  10. Pug Mavie needs your help please help

    Off Topic Discussion
    hello my name is Ynah and im 20 years old my pug mavie is very sick please click the link to read details. She was recently diagnosed with open pyometria (an infection in the uterus.) please click the link and help support her mavie needs your help by Ynah Angela - GoFundMe
  11. Pug Acting Unusual, Strange, & Lethargic - Suggestions?

    Dog Health
    Good evening, everyone! I come to you seeking counsel and suggestions on how to go about a condition my mother's dog is facing. To give you some background on the dog, her name is Piglet, she is a female 3-year-old pug, and weighs about 25 lbs. My mom has told me that a pug of Piglet's age...
  12. Are my puppy's legs fractured?

    Dog Health
    Hi guys! I have a 15 week old male puppy. He is a Pug cross Tibetan Spaniel. Recently, he has been sitting in a weird positions and his legs look weird and bent too. He can walk and run fine though. He jumped out of my arms when I was standing but he did not seem to be in pain. help - are my...
  13. Hello every one and nice to meet you ^_^

    My name is Jordan or 8bitpup, whichever you prefer. I have a loving 2.6 year old Pug named Hoshi and a 5 month old Jack Russel Terrier/ Pug mix named Leon. Hoshi was raised by my spouse and I since she was 10 weeks old and is very intelligent and well behaved. Leon was joined our household a...
  14. Dog wont sniff before peeing/pooping and other problems

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi all. I'm a new member here and I have two pugs. I love them to death and would do anything for them. We started off buying the female(lulu) but since both me and my girlfriend work long hours she was alone a lot so we decided to get her a partner and that's why we went out looking for a...