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  1. Dog Training and Behavior
    hey all :) we have adopted a new dog (8 months years old, 10 kg) very very very scared from everything and mostly from her leash! its almost impossible to go out with her (we need to take her on our hands and she probably sits when we put her for the rest of the walk) therefore we've got a...
  2. Working Dogs
    Hi there! I'm in the beginning stages of searching for my first psychiatric service dog and am trying to decide on what size breed I should go with. We currently have a boxer who has the perfect temperament for this sort of job, but is too old to start training. If I go with a larger breed, they...
  3. Working Dogs
    I need a service dog, I am considered disabled and my other treatments aren't working. I've been researching PSDs for years, and I'm a bit baffled by the responses I keep getting. While I've had loads of experience having dogs, my family has never focused on traditional training. Our dogs were...
1-3 of 3 Results