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  1. Would Prozac work?

    Dog Health
    My lovely Australian Cattle dog as some fear aggression issues. I rescued him in September and he's a little over a year and a half old. He's always had some issues with strangers, well, mostly men. He's came very close to biting my trainer, as well as a couple family members. Since using...
  2. My performance dog is on prozac

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I started my dog, Kirby, on prozac 2 weeks ago for separation anxiety. It had been under control, and came back?? I came home to freaked out dog who had chewed my wood frames so bad that he had to have wood removed out of his mouth. In November, my sis who had been living with me for 8 mos...
  3. I am SERIOUSLY considering putting Rocky on Prozac

    Dog Training and Behavior
    So, I've had Rocky since February and recently moved back to NYC with him. He is VERY leash reactive- towards dogs mostly, but also skateboards, scooters, buses and trucks. We have been working very hard on his reactivity (LAT), and he shows marked improvement, which is always followed a rapid...
  4. success with prozac for anxious dog?

    Dog Health
    So I posted a while back about an aggressive (towards animals ) dog who is very anxious, obsessive, resource guarding etc. Recently he bit our cat and broke the cats jaw Well we went to the vet and started him on Prozac. they recommended a trainer, but we are waiting because of financial...