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    Need Your HELP!! No matter how you’re feeling, a little dog gonna love you. Please support this campaign "Puppies over People" by - STREET DOGS CARING CENTER INDIA which helps street dogs in India by providing food, shelter and finds adopters. Buy at least one tee for your contribution. Visit...
  2. Which Harness is best for Dogs in the car?

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hi everyone, I recently got a beautiful golden with my girlfriend. Her name is Reily and she's a saint! We do a lot of travelling, for work and for fun, and we put onto the idea of safety gear for the dog when in the car. My question is do you know a good place to get a safety harness for the...
  3. Has anyone tried amber for tick protection?

    Dog Health
    Hello guys, after finding first tick this year I've been searching for alternative tick protection for my 5mo chocolate lab and found this on indiegogo: Has any of you tried amber collars before? How well do they...
  4. Help deciding and receiving tips for protection dog

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi. I am a early twenties girl with a past with stalkers, sex offenders, and attempted rapes. The police chief was apparently friends with one of my abusers in the city I ran away to and in my hometown the police wouldn't do their job. I have been to about ten different cities trying to find a...
  5. "Bark and Hold" training a pet

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello! recently I have trained my rescue pup (well not quite a pup about a 20 months old) to Heel and she has learned it very well. I really couldn't be more proud! Before she would bark at about 5% of the people we saw on walks that for some reason she didn't like. And about 80% of dogs she...
  6. Perfect Breed for my family?

    Dog Breeds
    I'm looking for a good breed of dog for my family. Here are the things I'm looking for (in order of importance): Will not hurt my children. Will protect my family and home from unwanted people and animals. Will not attack guests if they are invited (but can be trained to attack on command)...