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  1. Dog Gear and Supplies
    I wanted to share a product I'm creating for my pup, and wanted to know if this would be helpful for others! Let me know :) Your dog’s wallet. On their collar. Collie is a physical QR code and digital platform for your dog. Collie holds your contact information...
  2. Dog Food
    Hey everyone, I'm a design student finishing my bachelors and one of the products I'm working on was a family/self inspired pet product. Yes, technology is great. My design is not that. It is simple, with reliable materials for practical use, for the health of our dog and our convenience. I LOVE...
  3. Dog Health
    :confused:I have been researching pet insurance for my new 11 week old pup. I would like to get advice or comments from people that have it and have used it. Which company? Likes/dislikes? I am clueless here. I have been looking up all sorts of companies now I am on overload. Help! Thanks!