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  1. struggle to pick up your dog from daycare?!

    General Dog Discussion
    I work in the city and drop off my little pomski at doggy daycare Monday-friday so it can interact and play with other dogs while I'm at work. There is always so much traffic picking up and dropping off. I need a solution!! Does anybody else have this same issue? I wish someone could pick up and...
  2. Help--Girlfriend's dog is terrified of me, and everything

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi all. I'm new to the forum, and I came here to hopefully get some advice about a situation with my girlfriend's dog that is causing both of us a lot of stress. In short, her dog is absolutely terrified of me in particular, but she's also not comfortable anywhere, really. When I'm around, she...
  3. Boyfriends HATES Dogs. What do I do?

    General Dog Discussion
    I want to start with the fact that other than this one thing, my partner is exactly what I want in a relationship. He takes care of me, is responsible with his money, a hard worker, we have tons of fun and good times together. I have only been with him 7 months, but I honestly have never been...
  4. How to make dog ownership more fun?

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello everyone :) Having a dog in the family is a lot of fun but it is also a responsibility and can have some difficult aspects. I'm working on a project to solve those problems right now. But to make it successful i need to find out Your most common problems with the hopes of solving them...
  5. Transitioning from night-time sleeping crate to bedroom freedom

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi, Cobber's 1 yr 3 mo old now. We've just gotten to the point where I feel I can trust him to be out and about in the house while I work in the afternoons - so for about a 6-hr stretch. So far, Cobber has slept in a crate by my bed basically every night of his life except the 2 months...
  6. NEED HELP!Golden retriever skin problems HELP!

    Dog Health
    My dog has these skin problems but I cant afford a vet. One came and i spent around 200$ on dog care and it helped a little bit,these problems go away in winter but are present in summer,pls take a look a these pictures and advise me what to do and what these are.Hot spots? etc.:ponder:[
  7. Problems with owning pets(dog)?

    General Dog Discussion
    Greetings everyone, I am doing a project for my class and need to identify some problems pet lovers have (more specifically for dog owners). Questions: What problems do you ever have with owning a pet? How did you find a solution for this problem? Do you tend to forget to give medication? How...
  8. Crate training & housebreaking problems

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a 2 yr old female Maltese mix. We got her as a rescue at about 6 months old. The first year or so she did pretty well, altho' I'm not sure I had her completely housebroken truly, since she did have occassional accidents in the house. A few months ago, she began to do all of her pottying...
  9. Controlling A Reactive Dog

    Dog Performance Sports
    Sooo I'm new on here and I have a few questions :) I am the proud owner of two Mini Aussies (Cougar and Jett). They are full brothers, Cougar is a 4 year old red merle and Jett is a 2 year old blue merle. I've just recently started Cougar back in agility after a 3 year break, and I'm thinking...