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  1. Dogs are fighting and I don't know what to do

    Training and Behavior Stickies
    My sister and I live together and we each have a dog. She has a maltese/shih tzu/poodle/chihuahua mix that just turned 12y/o named Dixie and I have a Lhasa Apso who is 9 months named Mikaela. The older dog has always been temperamental towards my puppy but she never got into actual fights with...
  2. I can’t stand my dog

    General Dog Discussion
    I feel terrible even saying that but I literally can’t stand my dog anymore. So... me and my boyfriend got a mixed puppy in may 2019 in april he will be one year old. Everything with him was perfectly fine at the begging, he was learning quickly, behaving okay and we really loved him and he...
  3. I'm having issues with my fiance's dog

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi all, This may be a long post due to the many things that have transpired, but I will try to only include the things I consider to be important with this situation. I am solution-minded, so I want to find the best possible way to get along with my fiance's dog. He is not going anywhere any...
  4. Manic behavior in semi-puppy

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My dog is about to turn 2 in a couple months. He is a 70 lb black lab, whom I've had since he was 10 weeks. As soon as I got him, I began to socialize him at a nearby 25-acre dog park with a lake. He would be overly frantic and excited and almost completely manic when we got there and would not...
  5. Barking and pulling leash

    General Dog Discussion
    It's getting to a point where i don't know what to do with Ellie when we walk in public. She barks continuously, gets uncontrollable as soon as we see other dogs, and she pulls on her leash so hard she goes up on her hind legs. I've tried many different things such as being a tree, the 300 peck...
  6. My dog respects me and my mom, but attacks my dad?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We have a two year old Border Collie. His problem behaviors come out the worst with my dad. The dog adores my dad, and constantly wants attention from him--to be petted, or played with. But, he also acts the worst with my dad. For instance, when we take him for a walk. When we need to run, to...