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  1. What is the best flea/tick prevention for a sensitive pup?

    Dog Health
    Hi everyone! I am Jenny and I have an adorable 3 year old, 5 pound, morkie, named Manning. We relocated to New England and have heard the tick issue has been on the rise, so i have been more concerned about him getting a tick bite. I hope you have time for a story! lol My pup has quite a bit...
  2. Tips to prevent bladder stones?

    Dog Health
    I just brought my 4 year old Male Shih-Tzu to the vet this evening, and as the vet was checking his vitals, she mentioned that his bladder was soft- this apparently being a good sign in Shih-Tzu's as they have a pre-disposition to bladder stones. Hearing this really had me worried. My sister's...
  3. Parvo vs. Early Socialization

    Dog Health
    Okay, here are my basic questions: 1. What precautions do you take when taking your puppy for a walk? 2. What precautions do you take when having people coming over to meet puppy? 3. Can you still have your puppy socialize with people and other dogs without worrying too much about parvo? 4...