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potty pad

  1. Need help:Puppy peeing all over the house

    We've recently got a 5-month-old corgi puppy and though she's all cute and wonderful, she still pees and poops around our home. We live in an apartment and that causes us lots of trouble. We have tried using a spray that lures her to the potty pad but she would just do her business there for one...
  2. I live on a building! Walked him outside to pee, now Can't train him to use potty pad

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello! I'm new here My problem is I have a new puppy for a month now (she is 3 months old) We taught her to pee outside of the building when we walk her. The problem is now I bought her one of those potty pad for her to go inside the apartment when she is alone and no one can walk her outside...