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  1. Dog Art
    Hello everybody.. that forum is many dog lovers as iam!
  2. Dog Art
    Hi!, I'd like to share another painting with you. Thank you!
  3. Dog Art
    Hi everybody!, I'm new in this forum, and I so far I liked it very much, I kinda find interesting that usually people that love animals are very nice and kind, so I'm happy to find a place with a whole bunch of dog lovers as myself reunited =). Now, I'm taking the chance to share my art (which...
  4. Dog Art
    Hi I'm Rob and I love drawing and painting dogs. If you would like a very special and affordable portrait of your furry friend check out my website and give me a call.
  5. Dog Art
    Hello everyone, I just wanted to announce that I am open for holiday commissions for pet portraits, family portraits, etc. I can create B&W and colored portraits, any size. My pricing is reasonable and I am comfortable with neogiating prices as well. Please check out my site below and share...
  6. Dog Art
    Cool that you have this 'dog art' topic in this forum also. Besides a doglover I also love to draw dogs and other animals. Here are a few of my drawings. :)
1-6 of 7 Results