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  1. We're building a robot to pick up dog poop!

    Hi Everybody! I'm part of a team that's building a robot named Beetl to pick up dog poop. Beetl will autonomously roam around your back yard, identify poop and pick it up using special compostable paper jaws that get deposited into an in-ground composting unit so you don't have to worry about...
  2. Backyard pooper scooper robot

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hello All, I am a robotics enthusiast. I have a lovely 5 year old bichon poodle named Max. I love Max, but don't love picking up his poop. So I have started, for fun, to design a robot that will autonomously wander the backyard, and pick up his poop. As I work on this robot, I am curious to...
  3. Pooper Scooper Service

    General Dog Discussion
    Im just curious, how many of you out there use a pooper scooper service? If you do use a service why? Also, is there anything the service does that goes beyond your expectations?