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  1. HELP NEED ADVISE Itchy dog skin, scratching one eye until there are multiple cuts

    Dog Health
    Hello, I have a border collie poodle mix. He definitely has some skin issues or allergies. But lately he has been itching his one eye so much there are scabs around his eye or by his ear only on one side. Any at home recommendations to sooth skin? Should I take him to the vet? He is very...
  2. My Sick Poodle

    Dog Health
    Hello, my 9 year old miniature poodle Pepa suddenly got sick this weekend. We noticed she started pacing around the house and acting weird. The next day, she was very lethargic and would not leave her dog bed. We took her to the ER vet and there was nothing she saw that would be causing this but...
  3. HIGHLY allergic to my Poodle? Help?

    General Dog Discussion
    I am not highly allergic to dogs. I do have dogs allergies, but usually,I take a zyrtec and can be around them all day. I am aware that no dog is 100% hypoallergenic, but I was told for people with mild dog allergies, hypoallergenic dogs are a great choice. I don't have any other allergies, and...
  4. Owner of a 1yoa Standard Poodle and new Airedale Terrier

    Hello, I have a 1yoa standard poodle and just added an Airedale Terrier. I could probably offer a good amount of advice on the Standard Poodle breed at this point(from trial/error and growing pains), and would welcome any advice on the Airedale breed. Also, I've never owned multiple dogs at the...
  5. Telling my two dogs apart - appearances are deceiving!

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    I am the proud owner of a pitbull mix and a little maltipoo (polar opposites indeed)! Just wanted to share a product I stumbled upon recently. When I take the dogs to the dog park, most people assume my pit is going to be aggressive and mean and my little is going to be jumpy and friendly. They...
  6. Strange Occurances of Diarrhea in my Poodle

    Dog Health
    Hi everyone. I need some advice. My mini poodle who is nine has strange bouts of diarrhea but she acts normal and plays around and it doesnt happen everytime she goes. for example, this morning her #2 was solid and normal and she hasnt eaten since her last meal (not yet her feeding time) but she...
  7. Hello! Probably should have posted here earlier!

    Hello! I joined a few weeks ago but forgot to post my introduction until now. Hehe. I am a 22 year old living in Philadephia with the dog I grew up with. He's a elderly Norwegian Elkhound named Smokey. He's quite a handful and one of our cats hates him because he runs into him so much! He's 12...
  8. Toy poodle sculpture

    Dog Art
    This is Savannah, a recent commission of a toy poodle made in sculpy clay.
  9. Recovering from major constipation

    Dog Health
    Hello! I have a 9-year-old schnauzer/poodle mix. Her diet has always been dry food and she does a ton of sleeping (needs more exercise, I know.) Last week, she was having major constipation problems. Felt like she had to go, but tried for a whole 10 minutes and couldn't get anything out. I...
  10. Sneezing/Reverse Sneezing After Bordatella Vaccination

    Dog Health
    So I took my dogs to a Humane Society sponsored shelter to get their vaccinations up to date, i.e. Bordatella and D2APP on 5/15. On 5/21, I noticed they were sneezing almost continuously for periods at a time. Sometimes if it was severe, they would go into reverse sneezing/honking. They...
  11. "Breeder" said our baby was blind, but we don't think he is!

    Dog Health
    Hello everyone! I'm so happy to have joined and be a part of this friendly and awesome community! :wave: I hope to make friends and help out and offer some of my many doggy experiences to everyone. So, we just acquired a puppy, a standard poodle we have named Loxley. (Like Robin of Locksley)...
  12. My dog is shivering and shedding. Help!

    Dog Health
    Shirley is a 3 year old miniature poodle mix. Six days ago, I took her to the groomers since it was getting really hot where we lived and so the groomer can shave off the gunk from her past eye infection with ulceration. She went from having two inches of fur all around to near a buzz cut. Since...
  13. Ricky the Poodle and Best in Show Crufts 2014 gets groomed

    General Dog Discussion
    I came across this article it's an interview with Ricky's owners and an observation of a grooming session. Shampoodle: The four-hour wash and set that turns Ricky into a Crufts champion | Mail Online I think it is so wonderful to see how well taken care of and loved he is and that his whole...
  14. do dog attacks take years or time off of your dogs life?

    Dog Health
    i have a min. poodle (pepper) who was just attacked by a pit bull for the second time in the last year. he had to get surgery last time and now he's getting surgery right now. he's an older dog, turning 7yrs. in august. i was wondering if him having these dog attack issues and surgery will...
  15. Urban Mushing -- Extreme Poodle Skating

    Dog Performance Sports
    Hi I'm Tofu -- The Fastest Poodle -- Watch me break the speed limit passing people on bikes -- I'm even faster than biker men in lycra! I'm a rescue dog and I'm amazing! If you would like a pet, please consider adopting from shelters, rescue organizations and your local pound.
  16. An Amazing Rescue Dog

    New Additions
    I'm Tofu - The Fastest Poodle - ! If you would like a pet, please consider adopting from shelters, rescue organizations and your local pound. I'm a rescue dog and I'm amazing! Watch my video and see how wonderful a rescue dog can be:
  17. Why do people hate poodles?

    General Dog Discussion
    I hear that lots of people hate poodles but why? they are loving, friendly, smart, hard working and cute dogs! I admit they look silly with the lion cut but thats no reason to hate them! anyone know whats going on inside these people's minds?:confused:
  18. Moving from paper to outside

    Hi all! I am a newbie to this forum and puppy training. We have a cavapoo (half cavalier half miniature poodle) who is 11 weeks old. We have had our pup for 5 days now. We live on the 4th floor of a walk up building. Since she hasn't been vaccinated yet, we have been told not to take her...
  19. advice regarding ex show dog

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi hope somebody can help. Myself and my partner have never had a dog before but have looked after my mothers dog who is lhasapoo only a 5/6 month old now called finley, when she goes on holiday. we have looked after him for weeks at a time and love having him. we decided we wanted a dog...
  20. Adopting a young toy poodle with cryptorchidism (retained testicles)

    Dog Health
    Hi! I was planning on getting a toy poodle puppy after June, but after speaking to a prospective breeder I have fallen in love with a lovely young red toy poodle (8 months old) that she was planning on breeding but cannot due to the fact that the dog has cryptorchidism (retained testicles) and...