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  1. I cannot find a potty training video better than this one.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    How to get your dog to do the business on the pee pads in the house! Changed my life.
  2. Input wanted: Dog Walk Products

    General Dog Discussion
    Does anyone use a particular dog walk waste bag holder? I came across 3 interesting ones recently and have a favorite ( I am a pet sitter) I found this one at Bed Bath and Beyond and find it too similar to a travel coffee mug. I ordered the It's Your Doodie one cause it seems cute and easy...
  3. Help my dog wont poo

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My dog Toby wont poo or wee out side. we have recently moved from a flat to a house with a garden and the 1st 2 weeks he seemed to be fine with the whole toilet in the garden thing, however the past two days i have been out there for over an hour and he wont go. he keeps going to the front gate...
  4. NEED her 2 Poo In Kennel

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Okay so I have an outdoor kennel attached to a low-hanging window for my dog to go poo when I'm gone at work. She can get in and out the window via a doggy door, and has no problems understanding the concept, in fact has been trained within very few repetitions to go in and out on command. She...
  5. Advise please Jessie messing in home

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Jessie is approx a 4 years old rescue, Jack russell cross. We have had her about 6 weeks and she is truely wonderful. In her previous home, I understand , she was left all day with newspaper down and walked very rarely. I leave her approx 8.30 am until noon ( she has two walks prior to this )...