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  1. Sherry - 18yrs Old Pomeranian

    New Additions
    Hello Members, I would like to share a little about my dog she is almost 18 years old Pomeranian and got 3 fractures on her rear leg and the main problem is her hip joint cracks. I examine with the Vet and urge the medicine for her, but I am not sure how many days she has to suffer from the pain...
  2. What do you guys think about this dog bed ?

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    I love the unique shape and pattern and it also have a light on the top which is really cool. This is the newest addition to hope people like it
  3. My dog gets aggressive for no reason

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I've had my dog, Tiger, a pure bred male pomeranian, for four years now. He's always been the sweetest dog, good with kids and other animals, yet he acts strange sometimes. I have a roommate, who sleeps in the same room as me. This has been the case ever since we got Tiger, so there has not been...
  4. Training techniques for Pom "come"

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi I have been training my now 8 month pom so far he has mastered sit. I am trying to show him come but have had great dificulty so far. I have been teaching him by telling him to sit (& using a visual hand signal) then clearly staying "stay" (& a visual hand signal) and taking a step back and...
  5. Barking pomenarian?

    Puppy Help
    I'm considering to get a pomenarian. The problem is that I liven in an appartment building where barking will not be appreciated. As I work full time, I cannot watch the puppy all the time. I will be home at noon though, so he wouldn't be alone for longer than 4hours. If I get this puppy, I'd...