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  1. Grapefruit fed to Dachshunds. Help!

    Dog Health
    :eek: I stupidly just fed my two small dachshunds (10lbs and 13lbs) some peeled grapefruit. They each got about 1/2 of one peeled slice. Not very much, but they are small dogs. I called a vet hotline and they said it should be fine but the ASPCA website makes it seem extremely bad and I'm...
  2. Antifreeze - Please Answer I need help

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello, I have a 3 year old 65lb Black Labrador Retriever. He consumed 100ml of antifreeze on Friday around 5am. I was not made aware of this until today. He was intentionally given the antifreeze by one of my family members. I noticed the following morning that my dog was stumbling slightly and...
  3. Will Dogs Avoid Poisoned Water?

    Dog Health
    Good evening! I have a question concerning outdoor dogs and poisoned water. I have two large guardian dogs for my goats and donkey. They're big, beautiful, rottweiler/shepherd mixes, both female. I rescued them from a dumpster when they were about a month old and I've had them for nine years...
  4. Dog poisoned: Can you identify what the poison is?

    Dog Health
    Hello everyone, I believe my neighbor poisoned my dog on Easter Sunday. Coincidentally, 3 days later she was ok. But, let's not have a discussion about divine intervention. Anyway, she had a little diarrhea and acted very strange, became very needy and kinda forgot that my dad was her favorite...
  5. Different bark after toxin consumption?

    Dog Health
    Hi. Here is some information of what happened so far. My dog is a 10 month old, 19 pound Jack Russell mix. On monday the 23rd, she consumed a small amount of a pool cleaning chemical from our apartment complex. It was on the sidewalk and I was not able to see it until it was too late :( She was...
  6. Should I be worried?

    Dog Health
    My puppy got hold of really strong oven cleaner he just licked it Immediately I washed his mouth out. He was shocked at first but after a while he was back to himself, he is eating, drinking and going toilet as normal, but he is foaming at the mouth now constantly since he licked the stuff and...
  7. IS this Parvo F or something else? PLEASE

    Dog Health
    HI, I am devastated right now. About 6 mos ago we had a Beglian Maliniois pup who was about 4 mo old. One day she was fine, had a tiny bit of diarrhea, playing and acting fine. One night she did not eat quite as much as usual and was just barely a bit more lethargic. The next day my son...
  8. Will a mint kill my dog!?

    Dog Health
    I have a 3mos old 23lb pitbull puppy named Capone. He just ate (1) icebreakers frost mint which contains xylitol (?) which I read is toxic! I gave him dry toast then induced vomiting with 1 1/2 tsp of hydrogen peroxide -- he vomited and is now sleeping in my lap. I looked it up and the net...
  9. My dog has just ate a frog

    Dog Health
    Hi, We have a 6 year old, male, west highland white terrier. He went outside in the garden and he came in with froth coming out of his mouth. We went outside and found a dead frog that had been bought back up in a sick form. He has been sick twice since. What should we do.... thanks
  10. How to stop an IG from eating mushrooms?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I'm trying to help a friend of mine who has two Italian Greyhounds, both female, one of which has developed a habit of eating mushrooms that pop up in their yard overnight. They've been forced to induce vomiting on several occasions, and they have to survey the entire yard to eliminate any...