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  1. My dog died because of negligence on dental after care

    General Dog Discussion
    My baby dog Hershey was 13 yrs old, had a collapsed trachea for a few years but was in good health in general able to breath fine on her own and didn't need medication. I was with this clinic for over 10 years and they had all Hershey's medical records. She had a dental done couple years ago...
  2. I am so thankful that I got pet insurance

    General Dog Discussion
    I just wanted to urge anyone that doesn't have pet insurance to give real consideration to getting it. A few months ago when I got my puppy I researched pet insurance. I wasn't sure about getting it because I could end up paying year after year and never using it. But then when I thought...
  3. My dog has been in the hospital for five days for staph pneumonia; not improving

    Dog Health
    Hello all, I recently adopted a two-year-old Border Collie Labrador Retriever mix from an animal shelter in Arizona on Sunday, March 4th. Upon bringing him him, I noticed he wasn't eating. I tried feeding him numerous brands of dog food, boiled chicken, steak, and baby food over the course of a...
  4. Kennel Cough/Pneumonia (2 months)

    Dog Health
    Has anyone experienced kennel cough and pneumonia lasting more than 2 months? My poor dog has been in and out of hospitalization, this being his longest at 2 weeks. He's been on 5 different medications now, with his recent being administered via an IV catheter. There has been no improvement in...