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  1. Clay Davis - Dog Breed Mix Plott Hound / Anatolian Shepherd???

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    I was told my dog Clay Davis was a Plott Hound / Anatolian Shepherd mix. They were not totally sure at the rescue. The Plott Hound was listed on the birth documents. What do yo think? Beautiful, loyal, and kind dog. My baby Clay. Yes, Clay Davis from the Wire.
  2. What breed? Plott hound mixed with...

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    Hey y'all ~~ this is my year 1/2 old rescue baby -- she's apparently some kind of Plott hound mix - she has the sloped tummy & relatively houndy ears but they aren't huge. She's really energetic and loud and sweet & extremely intense about food (which I'm sure is a combination of being a rescue...
  3. Anyone own a boxer/plott hound mix?

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    Or just a plott hound in general?
  4. Am I a Plott Hound?

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    Hello World, I am Otis, the brindle 12 week old puppy. I think I am a Plott Hound/Lab because that's what my foster mom said, but my new mom is convinced there's some Boxer or Pit Bull in me. What do you think? Love, Otis