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  1. How to teach puppy that entire apartment is Den, not just kitchen and playpen/crate

    New Additions
    Hi, I have a 14 week old Cairn Puppy, and toilet training is moving along great. He hasn't had any accidents since Tuesday(where he had two in his playpen - I think it was because he had had a couple of accidents in the office the week before, and I changed our entire routine to prevent him...
  2. Questions about new puppy (tethering/house training)

    Puppy Help
    Hi all. So a week ago I adopted an Aussie mix named Theo (currently 11 weeks ago). From bringing him home, I automatically just began putting him in a playpen that we had and started house training and basic obedience training. The house training is going pretty well so far, I've been taking...
  3. Separation Anxiety Problems Even with kong

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, so now my "Ted" (spitz puppy) is 9 weeks old. and indeed i forgot everything i learned from cesar millan, not that it was not working but i saw the fear in my puppy when i first started the millan's way.. now i think we had the trust back and he is no more afraid. i'm not sure if i...
  4. Crate Training Challenges - Am I Just Not Getting It?

    New Additions
    Hi All, This is my first post on the forum so I hope it is in the correct place. I adopted Willa, a 3.5 month old terrier mix, from the shelter last week. She is my first puppy (I have adopted two older dogs who have since passed) and I am definitely feeling the challenges of training a...