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playing rough

  1. An indroduction and some questions.

    Hello! My name's Joy, I'm a young adult and I live with my husband and two dogs. Our first dog, Sky, we got from a shelter as my husband and I always wanted a husky since we were very young. He's a husky/Shepherd mix and we love him to death. Our other dog was hanging out on the property and we...
  2. My puppy plays too rough with other dogs.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    HELP! I have a 3 month old Terrier mix puppy named Guinness that loves to play with my sister's terrier chihuahua cross. The problem is Guinness plays too rough with him and he is is so submissive he isn't really telling Guinness that it is too much. He is good about how hard he bites (people...
  3. Anybody know how to break up a puppy fight?

    General Dog Discussion
    My family knew we were biting off a little more than we can chew when we brought home a second puppy. Both of them are wonderful and they love each other. They like to sleep together but they don't always share toys and food which is disconcerting. Here's where things get rough. They are both...
  4. Dog Playing Too Rough with some Dogs/Pups [Please Help]

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Java will be two in Jan, so she's around 21 months if i did the math correctly. we believe she is a jack russell mix and we bring her to the dog park very often. She plays with this other foxhound mix and a husky and most other dogs fine, like they all play rough with her. But sometimes she...