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  1. 6 mo rescue- Almost potty trained, prefers not to go outside.

    I recently got a rescue mutt, probably pit mix, about 2.5 weeks ago. He's been a great dog so far, very sweet, but I can't seem to completely potty train him. If I take him out often enough, he will go potty on command easily, no issues. But he does not want to go outside either by himself or...
  2. Change in Dog Behavior - Pacing, Crying, Avoidance, more - seeking advice

    Dog Health
    My friends dog Osi is still not getting better. Osi is a big - loving and athletic pit mix who is about 8 years old. She has been taken to 3 different vets, and put on 4 different pills. Symptoms are constant pacing, panting, shaking/trembling, crying and avoiding contact... Doesn't really want...
  3. pls help is he a pit mix

    Dog Breeds
    hello, we adopted a dog, the shelter said the dog was a lacy dog. ( we played with the dog in a meet and greet room for about 20 mins) we had him fixed. when we picked the dog up the vet tech. said she thinks our dog is just a mut a mixed on everything maybe even a pit mix. we do...
  4. Healed scar from spaying... Itchy and red

    Dog Health
    My dog, Sweet Pea, is a rescued Staffordshire terrier mix.. Not too sure on her age. She was in 2 shelters before we got her. First shelter said she was 1.5, second shelter said she was 4. Anyway, she either got spayed at the first shelter, or already was spayed before ending up in the shelter...
  5. Zoey Jazelle

    whats up people i have a 5 week old pit/box her name is in the title....yes first and middle name because she is family actually my daughter now lol...anyway her mother is a fullblooded pit and father is a fullblooded boxer....Any ideas of which breed it will end up looking like in the future?