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    I need help. I have a pit who is 1 years old, crazy anxiety, on 400mg of trazadone a day. She just got a new impact dog crate, she’s chewing and scratching the inside. Her teeth are all silver. I’m afraid she’s going to break her teeth. I need ideas on what to line the inside of the crate walls...
  2. I don’t know what this is!

    Dog Health
  3. Help! Unsure of breed - Lab, Coonhound, Pit???

    Dog Breeds
    Hi, We adopted the sweetest one year old dog on Saturday. She was listed as a Lab Mix. Does she look like a Lab Pit Mix, Lab Coonhound Mix, or maybe all three? She weighs about 65 pounds, rarely barks, very chill loves to lay around, has been great with adults and children.
  4. What breed is my dog? Pics included

    Dog Breeds
    His name is Max and I had him for years. I love him. I know he is a mix breed, thats for sure but he looks like a pit bull mix sometimes. The problem with that theory is that he is really short. He is lean and strong af, and loyal too. And again, I do know he is a mix breed but can anyone tell...
  5. Shiba Inu and Pit Bull

    New Additions
    Hello all, my apologies if this is the wrong place on the forum to put this. This is my first time using this. My family and I just took home a Pit Bull puppy around two weeks ago. She had recently turned 6 months April 1st. She's been great so far. She has some typical puppy problems like...
  6. Fully pit or mixed? What kind of pit?

    General Dog Discussion
    So I work at a vet and we had this pit come in as a rescue. Wondering if you think it's full pit or is mixed with something else. If you do you think it's full pit, it would be awesome to know just what kind of pit it is. If you think it's mixed please let me know what breed you think it's mixed...
  7. Am. Pit Bull Terriers (info post)

    General Dog Discussion
    Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier Common name: Pit, Pit Bull, Pit bulldog, bulldog. The ancestors of the APBT were the pit dogs of Europe used in the blood sport of dog fighting. These dogs also baited bulls and were seen in rat pit contest as well. The breed began to develop in America from...
  8. Pit Bulls and Dog Aggression / Game

    General Dog Discussion
    I posted this same thread in a Pit Bull specific forum I frequent last night. I am curious on what responses I will get here... Please let me know your thoughts. I blanked out the names of the sites as I don't know the proper etiquette on that issue. Thank you. After I lost my first beloved...
  9. Looking for a good breed

    Hello! I just signed up for this forum for a specific reason: My husband and I are looking to get a dog. He really wants a pit bull but I want a dog that doesn't shed. (I have asthma, it's much easier for me to breathe if there's not hair everywhere!) I saw a pit bull & poodle mix online but...
  10. Aggressive 4 month old pit bull puppy

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi everyone, I googled and researched so much online and found out that you hardly ever meet an aggressive puppy and that most owners confuse their puppy's playfulness with aggressiveness. So I shot a video clip of how my 4 month old pit bull puppy behaves and most trainers are shocked and tell...
  11. Moving Soon- Potential Breed Issues

    New Additions
    Hello, I am moving into an apartment in July and have already signed the paperwork and paid the security deposit. On the paperwork, I filled out my dog's breed as Corgi Jack Russel Mix. Today I got an email saying that I need to provide a picture of her as well as vet records stating her...
  12. Dogs Wearing Coats in the House??

    New Additions
    A relative of mine rescued this beautiful pit bull recently. Such a sweet girl. We purchased a new Snugpups ( coat for her as a welcome gift ... its perfect for her and she loves it. In fact, she loves it so much she likes to keep it on while in the house! She is a little...
  13. Introducing a Pit that has gotten into a fight

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We've been playing with the idea of getting a second dog. We had one for a while, but she was very nervous and suffered from Separation/Isolation Anxiety. That spun out into getting in a fight with our resident dog (2 year old male Pit/Bull Terrier). He isn't a fan of the Humane Society any...
  14. Looking for another toy for 18 month Pit Bull

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    I have a homemade flirt stick that Alfred enjoys a lot. Trouble is that he's gotten used to it. It's become too routine because he will play for 10 minutes or so and then start veering toward the gate, ready to go for a run. So I have to get his attention and rope him back into playing just...
  15. Welsh Corgi-Pembroke Mix and Bull Terrier/Pit Bull?

    New Additions
    This is mostly preemptive. I have a 2 year old Pit mix that we've had for about a year now. He has loads of energy and when the weather isn't great (cold, raining, winter), he doesn't get the same amount of exercise he might on a nicer day. My wife wanted a Pit (mix) for a number of reasons...
  16. pls help is he a pit mix

    Dog Breeds
    hello, we adopted a dog, the shelter said the dog was a lacy dog. ( we played with the dog in a meet and greet room for about 20 mins) we had him fixed. when we picked the dog up the vet tech. said she thinks our dog is just a mut a mixed on everything maybe even a pit mix. we do...
  17. Behavior Change Leads to Loss

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My best friend called me yesterday to tell me that he and his wife had to put down their seven year old pit bull, Cocoa, that they had adopted as puppy over six years ago. We, along with our two different dogs that we had each time, have visited them many times. Up until our first visit, I had...
  18. Pregnancy = Abnormal Aggression?????

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My dog started showing signs of heat around June 26th. She was bleeding around mid July. She is a known escape artist & got out of our backyard many times while in heat. Her nipples seem to have grown, she's been throwing up a couple times a day for 2 days, she's become a bit aggressive &...
  19. New dog introduction help

    New Additions
    I have a bit of an issue. I have a 11 year old American Pit Bull who has always been well behaved around people small children and very few issues with other dogs. He has never shown any signs of aggression but has defended himself against other dogs that have ran up to him barking. Next...
  20. Taking a puppy early **URGENT**

    New Additions
    Hi, I have a pit bull/pointer mix and i have some concerns. We took her at 4 weeks old cause she was eating soft food and the mother wasnt nursing the litter anymore, little did i know there is more science to it then i thought. I've been reading that during the 6-8 week period they learn "bite...