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pit bull mix

  1. Introducing new dogs to the house

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I’m getting a new roommate and they are bringing dogs but I’m afraid that my bigger dog will attack her as she did to other dogs befor ?
  2. What breeds are in my dog?

    We've had Missy for about 9 years and always wondered as to her breed make-up. She's very beautiful and has an exotic-ness to her face. It's not a big deal what's in her mix, and we'll probably never know for sure unless we do a DNA test. It's all just kind of a curiosity and I was wondering...
  3. Fully pit or mixed? What kind of pit?

    General Dog Discussion
    So I work at a vet and we had this pit come in as a rescue. Wondering if you think it's full pit or is mixed with something else. If you do you think it's full pit, it would be awesome to know just what kind of pit it is. If you think it's mixed please let me know what breed you think it's mixed...
  4. Moving Soon- Potential Breed Issues

    New Additions
    Hello, I am moving into an apartment in July and have already signed the paperwork and paid the security deposit. On the paperwork, I filled out my dog's breed as Corgi Jack Russel Mix. Today I got an email saying that I need to provide a picture of her as well as vet records stating her...
  5. Can you socialize an older dog?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi, Me and my boyfriend rescued a 1 year old pittie about a year ago and have struggled socializing him with other dogs. Kona (the pittie) is 2 years old now and cannot be around other dogs without severe anxiety. We worry about taking him to a dog park because he is aggressive meeting other...
  6. Crate training a mature dog

    Hello everyone. I am seeking advice on crate training a 5 year old lab & pit mix. Belle is tied up in the garage or roaming the fenced in backyard all of her life, never allowed in the house. I receive mixed feelings on successfully being able to crate train her from various people that I have...
  7. What do you think about her?!

    Dog Breeds
    Hi everyone, This is my first post on here and wanted to kind of introduce myself and ask what everyone thinks on what kind of dog this is? Currently my family and I have an Australian Shepard mix but we were very interested in adopting this puppy and adding her to our new home. We live in...
  8. PLEASE HELP my dogs are fighting

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Good morning, evening or night. I have three dogs, a Labrador/PitBull, Golden/Labrador and a Husky/Akita. They go out on daily walks: 1) Morning 5 minute poop-walk 2) Afternoon poop-walk 3) Night/evening 2 hour walk (we run 3 to 4 days a week, the other days we just walk) In addition, I do...
  9. My Dog's Best Friend is Possessive / Aggressive

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi, this is my first post, and it's a doozy. First, I'd like to say my dog is wonderful. He's a totally black German Shepherd / Lab Mix, about 72 pounds, 16 months old and super playful. Let's call him Sam. I'd say Sam's about the most playful, nicest, and best socialized dog when it comes to...
  10. Best Guess

    Dog Breeds
    We were given a pup in April that weighed 40lbs and still had all of his puppy teeth. The former owners said he was American Bulldog/GSD mix. He started losing his puppy teeth within 2 weeks. Our best guess is that he's now 8-8.5 months old and currently weighs 80lbs and is 24" at the withers...
  11. What breed(s) is my dog?

    Dog Breeds
    Hello all! New here. I was wondering if anyone could help determine what breed my girl is? I know she has some pit bull in her but there's something else. We adopted her last year after being returned to the shelter 3 times for "not listening".. Turns out she's completely deaf. (Although...
  12. Is my rescue part Pit Bull?

    Dog Breeds
    I rescued a dog about a year ago, and I couldn't ask for a better dog. But I live in maryland and they recently declared pitbulls to be an inherently dangerous breed, which increased insurance prices and made it harder to rent. I think my dog is a plott hound/ boxer mix, but a lot of people...
  13. Dog to Human Eye Contact

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My dog makes a lot of eye contact with me and I have heard/read mixed messages from people about what this should mean. I understand eye contact is usually -- if not always -- a sign of dominance, but my dog seems to make eye contact with me and other humans casually as a sort of attentiveness...
  14. Is my dog pit bull mix?

    Dog Breeds
    Is my dog pit bull mix? Lab mix? German Shepherd mix? 53 Lbs, muscular and lean